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Very nice songs, good production and writing.

Just dropping by to say hello.

Listing to ''Taste So Sweet''.

Gonna vote hot!!

D Junk.
Wonderful sound....

Exceptional overall everything...

smile :)

I've been listening to your stuff for the last hour. Very nice sound, like it!

Dave (Groove UK)
Dear Friend,
What about a short break from the music for a good course?

I have just read and signed the petition: "Stand Against Female Genital Cutting"

Please take a moment to read about this important issue, and join me in signing the petition. It takes just 30 seconds, but can truly make a difference. We are trying to reach 35,000 signatures - please sign here:

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Thank you!

Erling Gunnarsson
Oh my gosh Henta! I have been your neighbour for about 5 months now and never realised how good you sound! I have heard a couple of notes floating over my way but never hear the actual completed song. I must say though that i have heard a few notes of Sunset and i loved the sound and lyrics then, now that i hear it complete it is fabulous! Cant stay and chat, off to go and hear all of the other songs, only go the chance to hear 4 before i had to rush over here and leave a message for you. Love Tammy
Queen Minty!

Thank you so for your great performance with me at Center Camp at Burningman 2006 this last week. It was special and magical and it was great to get the response we did. Sorry for the harsh conditions, next performance will be under more "human" conditions than in the middle of the desert. See you in Seattle in November, lookin forward to more perfornmances then!

Its just days away!!!

So glad to have you coming accross the pond to perform with me at Burningman 2006!

All those that will be out there in the desert with us, heads up!

Come see Henta and I at Center Camp on Tuesday at 9:00AM for our set of downtempo, chill, and triphop.

Tuesday nite we will be playing at Quixote Cabaret Camp, which is part of the Avalon Camp, home of the Euroburners.

And Wednesday nite we play at the Seattle Camp of MoonBass.

And after that........ we just play.

Hope to see ya on the playa!

hey...i checked out this "sunset" song...very nice sound you have goin on...voted it come by the page and leave a note...thanks
yeah ill be performing there but who knows if ill see you lmao so many people will be out there
hey i was wondering if youd like to sing on one of my trance tracks sometime!! please stop by sometime
Howdy - Nice Sound! I just added "Wanna Luv You" to my PHOTOSTIX station. Let me know if you find any tunes you like of mine if you get a chance. Take care and keep on jammin'! Cheers, Jerry Chiappetta, Jr., Performing Artist / Songwriter - Naples, Florida
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