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Hi! welcome to my message board

I'll be glad to answer your questions / comments, ideas! Thanks for your post!

yes, you can use it in youtube videos as long as you add me on the credits (if you could also add there it would be great).

I'm glad you liked those smile :)

Hey Rantam, love Entering Battle and Entering Battle Reprise. I was wondering if I could use the music? Not like in a game or anything, but in some YouTube videos? Is it copywritten? And even if it's not I wanted to ask your permission 1st.
Beautiful music. I particularly like the song, "Forgotten Hope." It captures the essence and feeling very well.
Lot of thanks for your nice comments. Make me happy indeed! smile :)
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Deep and beautiful music, great orchestral work!!! Jiri
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Very expressive music, with a majestic mood!! Jiri
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Great melody, I like it !!! Jiri
They are great music !!! And you're a great composer !! Simply awsome songs !!!! You make the gamers community proud.
Edit regarding;In your dreams with you

Serene was her name and her music one and the same.Calm and pretty, bright and without clouds, her skill levitates above the metal god loud.
Nope, I don't use Sonic. I use sounds of many libraries to create my orchestral sounds.

Many people has said me that it'd be great to get these songs played by an orchestra. ..Sure! Even with the best samples you'll never get the same results than you'd get with a friend playing the trumpet smile :)

But most of us can't afford to pay an orchestra to play our amateur music, so you'll need to work hardly with your samples to get the best sounds.

As you may know, to get these sampled instruments sound like real ones is the most challenging thing. It's necessary tons of hours to get something credible.

A lot of editing & mixing were put on these songs. I have to say I'm not 100% happy with the final result of the songs, but to get them sound better is very difficult, IMO. And I think is better to continue composing other songs than to be always editing ended songs again and again,

So, try to work a lot in the samples, and play the melody in the way it gets the best sound from them.

Really liked the "Entering Battle" and "Forgotten Hope" themes.. It definitely sounds like you put a lot of work into it. Do you use Sonic Implants by any chance? The legato brass sounded a lot like their samples.. Also, is the brass you use in "Forgotten Hope" a bugle or a muted trumpet?

I haven't bought a full brass library yet, so I'm pretty limited in what I can do. The only samples I have for GS3 are sustain and staccato ensembles, but I can sort of fake a legato. It doesn't work very well, though.
Well, to get these brass sound 'real' s was one of the most consuming task in these songs.

Of course, you need to get good samples, but you'll need to spend a lot of time in them to get a real sound. So be patiend wink ;)
Man, that brassy brass sound is awesome. Spine tingling!! Completely captures the emotion and imagry of WWII. I really want to discover some new brass samples now. The ones I have are way too nice and pretty to get that cool brass sound.
Very nice use of the horn. Im still trying to master it, but its the first thing I noticed when listening to your tunes.
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