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First, I'd like to thank my fellow soundclick musicians and members for taking their time to stop by and listen. Second, I'd like to thank those
visitors who have noticed my demos on other web sites and stopped by to listen to more of my songs.

Thank you all for your support, enjoy the music,
Miami, Florida

Update: As of 1/24/2012 I uploaded the following songs to
Charles Bosco on

"You've Got A Friend" Tribute to Carol King

"Love Me Now, Love, Me Later" (c) 2004 Charles MA Bosco featuring Nashville, TN's recording artist, Shirley Logan (2007).
play hi-fi  commenting A Place Called Home
Overall Rating
Nice simple song, that works for me!
play hi-fi  commenting Green Path To Heaven
Overall Rating
Very good vocals. Great sentiments in this song.
play hi-fi  commenting On Blue Hill
Overall Rating
Funky, raw vibe here, love it! smile :) Has a Neil Young, Dylan kinda feel to, but still your own style and voice. Can't quite hear all the lyrics, but I do love what I hear. Like the chord progressions, fun song. I will have to check back to hear more again. 5 stars for this one!

take care,
Hey Charles, just dropped by to give a listen and say hi.
Like your tunes, and noticed you have a nice new group of pictures with the songs...a lot of Miami I assume. Anyway, I hope you are well and happy....drop by and say hi sometime!

Mike Rooney
Hi Charles:

Stopped by to listen and vote you some stars.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHARLES! On Dec. 2 the day right after my birthday. Another Sagittarius.

Have a good one,
Overall Rating
Nice one, Charles! Definitely one of my favorite Bosco songs. Reminds me of Bread and America. Would like to hear a full band version of this one. 5 stars!
Charles -
thanks for stopping by. I hope you had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.

Peace- Amy
Thank you.. you have a wonderful Thanksgiving too!
Enjoyed the listen!
Hi Charles, thank you, Have a great thanksgiving. Peace and waves, Tom
Happy Turkey Day, Charles!

I read your post on this new version of SC. I am not much on message writing ... lol But I checked some of your tunes and I like " I Said, Hey" the best. You ought to do a full production of that tune.

Take care Pardner.
Charles, you are really good at songwriting... they are ALL really great songs... I've added a few but haven't got through all of them yet... I may need to spend some MORE time here!
Lexie :c)
Hi Charles - I'm listening to 'Meet me down South' - fine and mellow mood and lovely lyrics - thanks for your kind comments on my song 'Debora' .. keep on sailing in them blue clear waters.... Charles
Hi, Charles
Thanks for your cool comment about my "Song for Elvis" tribute for the King's 30th Anniversay year!
You've got quite a body of work here yourself! It's great what you can do with just a vocal and guitar - the excellent finger-picking on "Smile" and "Make It Today" and the slap style of "Love Letter".
You music really is as cool as that warm summer breeze in Miami! You should be playing in bars!
Take care
Hi charles,

lovely to hear from you, thanks for stopping by and listening to "i already do" i know that's your favorite. smile :)

how lovely that you got to take a trip to nashville, glad to hear that you had a good time. i imagine it isn't to far from where you are? i've heard about the music festivals in the summer, it sounds like a great place.

listening to some of your lovely songs and wishing you a great weekend

take care

i liked your song, green path to heaven, thanks for stopping by to listen, talk to you soon
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