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Thank you for visiting my soundclick.com pages. I hope you enjoyed listening. And please feel free to leave your comments.
Enjoying what you do. Keep on going. I hope you will check out my work.
Love the mandolin in Can The Circle Be Unbroken, sounds great.

Please feel free to check out my music. My new song "Jump" is great. Please let me know what you think about it and drop me a message on my board! Thanks!

Mark Paul
Love the music and your style, keep up the great work.
Good to see you here at soundclick. I am checking out your music right now. Great stuff. Take it easy.

your music warms my heart, i really dig you voice, and the message......love your covers of leadbelly among others!....keep it up man!
Sherri Lyn,

Thank you so much for your kind words. I enjoy your music very much too.

Dearest Mark,

Loved your music page my friend!!! Enjoyed so much the lyrics and story pages that went along too.

No matter where my muse and music takes me, I will never forget my "roots". And many of them are here on this page, and they run deeply and freely within my soul.

I do "believe" that one person can make an impact in this world...bit by bit...song by song, one heart at a time!
I have seen this truth in my own life manifest itself over and over.

You were one of the few people who first found me on SC before I had any number ones on the charts! (silly thing these charts) But it does give the artist an opportunity to touch more people. I am a "healer" first...musician second, and that is at the "heart" of all I write, sing, and live.

So I thank you...encourage you to continue to lift your voice and talents to keep shinin' that light, for it surely does and will make a diffrence by and by!

Much love and a great big bear hug!

*sherri lyn*
Saw your post on my friend David's message board and decided to check you out, great covers of standards but I especially like "What did you learn in school today" and "My tears" Fabulously evocative...as an activist I maintain that music is just one more means of changing minds and opening hearts for a better future
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