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are u alone?

your not anymore
Amazing music. Also like the art!. Take a chance to listen to mine. Hope will stay in touch.
Keep making great music.
All the best,
Hola Damere
Thanks for your coment and your interest on my music works. I have some piano composition ready, I have to up load it.
Best regards from Spain
I'd be interested to hear what you could come up with without using the premade loops. You should upgrade to something better too. Fruity Loops and/or Reason are good programs, and are very adaptable and expansive. =)
Heavy intro here m8............good driving style although i think a touch heavy on the snare fills every 8/16th beat......i wouldn't have them so often,they detract from the groove.Overall production is a bit disjointed as well with the cymbal crash being particularly loud in the mix as well.
The main hook is also a touch bare and could do with more FX/filtering added to bring it more into the fore.
There is certainly a lot of ideas in here but the whole track could do with a big remastering session to help level it out,it was lacking in lower end..........im only being as honest as possible here m8 to help you:
If you can check out my tracks,FUTURE PROOF is a good example of what a strong mastering session can do for a track,cheers.
Found your music by chance... keep on working, I heard some very interesting ideas in your page: I will come back and listen to more! :-)
Happy New years Check out My New Acid Track Distant Trance Thanks Peace!
The Console Musician is working on a Comp CD... wondering if you wanted to contribute to it.... swing by the site to check the details... in "The Lounge".....

No fees, and this plans to be a nonprofit venture.... hoping to distribute several ways.... and get more listening to the power in the consoles....
Nice, I used to use Music Generator back in the day. Check out some of my work, I think you'd appreciate the time and effort that went into it.
I listened to your music and I checked out your station and I must say you have good taste. I have one song that I've devoted a lot of time and energy to and it's received several excellent reviews. I believe this song would fit quite nicely on your station. Please give it a listen.

Much Thanks

Song: "Genaveve"
Dog... the ass kicking music continues... I've made the changes to the Console and updated the station list.... these and Dr. VooDoo are there...
Cool sounding stuff. Keep it up and let me know when you have some new songs posted
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