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play hi-fi  commenting Pure Imagination
oh my god willy wonka and the chocolate factory is my all time favorite movie (the original of course) ..
I absolutely love the way you did this with the guitar and voice.. strumming its soooo rad.
Ya have to be real cool to do this song..
gave ya a fiver
Thanks for adding my song "Same old lie" to your station.

Beats me
play hi-fi  commenting Synthia
Overall Rating
not too simple, not too complex, just right, but much more than adequate, because engaging, dreaming, and telling a story, delivering a mood, articulating detail in subtle progressions.... i also love your other electronica, and i really want you to continue forging your way!!!
You are exceptional! But I bet you already know that. Roy-Al

I used one of your tracks from soundclick.com on my podcast radio show – The show can be found at http://tangerinebreem.podomatic.com (second show down at the point of sending the email…)

Thanks and best wishes

What a unique and wonderful feel your music has. I like -Same Old Song- , I'll be back to listen again. Thanks.
The Cyber Gypsy
Nice Tracks you have here.
Keep up the good work
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