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I don't know how you remembered my Bday, but out of all the peoples I know and know me, you were the only one. I am deeply thankful and touched by your message.
I am sorry for my absence lately, but there's just too much happening in my life and not enough time in the day, not even for music, let alone anything else.
I shall return, you can be sure of that, hope during the holidays but in the meantime, I want you and your family to have a great Christmas and holidays.
I will try for sooner, thank you again my friend, you're one of a kind and as I'm listening I'm at one of my faves, "Friendly Fire" I missed that tune lately.
Great Music and very nice guy as well, does a lot for other artists and never asks for a thing, There is a great mix of styles going on in this Music and that is something I can connect with, I would advise anyone to have a listen to a few tracks because there is going to be something in there for everyone,

BTW, I’m in process of mixing a track and loving every second of it

Loadpuller great musician and great musician promotor is now a part of the great selection of MUSE(new alterno station)
Thanks AGAIN for the big time contribution to The OAS Board. And for including my picks for Featured Artist on the playlist each week at Hidden Radio. 'Wire Hanger' remains my fav LoadPuller track.

Keep Rockin' Steve. You are most definitely THE MAN when it comes to all things indie.

One Angry Swede
Site Founder
The OAS Board
Hey guys smile :) Just dropping by to say and enjoy your cool tunes! Have added "Bath Tub Gin" with its jazzy vibe to our Hangout Station, v. v. trippy and super playing!! Always good to hear a bit of WB ... thanks and congrats also on the amazing HR project, what a great job smile :) We really appreciate your support and thanks you for your support, good luck and best wishes as always from Chris (and Laura) smile :))
Hi! We're new to the community and wanted to introduce ourselves. Good luck to you all and let us know what you think,
Hey Steve,

Thank you so much for having us on your station. you've always been a great supporter of ours.
Hi Steve, here to get FUNKEFISED by the great music of LOADPULLER.
Me dancing meself into wild stuper..indeed!!!

Spinning Tug Of War!!! Nice One!!!!

Hey i just wanted to stop by and say hi. you have a definate industrial meets rage against the machine thing going on here- i like it

sounds like what i am trying to do
HAHA - Hey there man, Jkub here stoppin by to say hello man. so.. "hello", and a

Was da deal! You got some potential, so keep it up! I think you can relate to my music too, even tho I got a different style! Return the favor and hit me up on my message board to let me know what ya think. Stay up. 1
HU$TLE from
Hey guys, just dropping by to say hi smile :)) Enjoying your funky and quirky tunes as always, great listening! Keep up the good work, best wishes from Chris and Laura x
Hey Steve, Glad to see you here. Who needs Frank Zappa, we've got LoadPuller!

Rock it
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