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whats good its nice to see artists on soundclick really put it down check out some of my beats at my site
we need more tunes from you Mark.
play hi-fi  commenting Daiquiri for candy
This is great ."delusion fake and phoney and has sawdust for a brain"
play hi-fi  commenting goldrush
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I have listened to this several times. At first i didn't like it at all. Yet something about its complexity made me want to listen to it again.
I would have to say now it has fully grown on me, and I now rate it highly and you as a credible artist.
Thanks for the cool thread my friend! Have a great weekend!
Hey yo what's happening man? Please check out my new song featuring Cryptic Wisdom called "Make you Understand". It's a story track that's very similar to what happened at Virginia tech. Please give it a listen n leave me feedback and i promise i'll return the favor.
fealing your sh*** right there chuz its dope thx for dropping by
new song up called Invincible featuring Jose and Julio! Hot song I'm on the third verse. thanks feed bacc would be nice.

Wuts good fam I got a new beat "Off And Runnin" its different from wut I normally do and it also FREE so go check it out tell me wut u think
Wuts good fam go check out my new beat "The Cure" I think this is da best beat I eva made
NEW!! DISS TRACK TO DA GHOST 905! This kid wears a doo rag and thinks he's black. He attempted to diss me because I told him stop spamming my page everyday. Kid's a joke. He's obsessed with internet beef.
Wuts good fam its Cag check out my new beat "The Right Words To Say"
wut sup, this A-Hay (A HAY) go by President A.C. now, just stoppin by to keep u updated wit me, cum bump my new hit called "Gutta", it a song that u can smoke to, get high to, or just get crunk, got a major artist wanna get da beat, but I told him I gotta be on it, so I have sum good stuff happin to me, u can hear "Gutta" @, if u have myspace hit me up @
New Track: "If Only" come check it out if you have time. VOTE HOT!
Wuts good fam check out my 3 new beats tell me wut u think
What's up dude? I got a new track up called: Take Me Away feat. Spoonfull. Come check it out and let me know what you think.
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