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Hi, I'm Tim from Three Day Cure and I would like to thank you for taking the time to listen to "Lay it down". In its simplicity, Lay it down speaks volumes of my gratitude for all I've been given and for the unconditional love that is extended to all of us daily.I am truly thankful.
I am working on other projects and will post them soon.
Drop me a line and let me know what you think.
Thanks again, Tim
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The sheer exuberance of this music is awesome…Beautiful
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This is beautiful and lovely clarity of sound in your production. Enjoyed the mellow guitar solo which really speaks to you of love and happy days. Just my kind of Smooth Jazz, Bravo! Laurel
I love "Dance Quietly!" Great music. Will ck out your other Christian tracks.
Keep up the great music and God bless you richly!
Hello, Tim!

I've been out of the click a while but have recently uploaded a new song, "The Angel's Carol" from Luke 2:8-14. I hope you can come over for a visit soon and listen to it.

I've been listening to "I Miss You" and following the lyrics. This is a powerful song and "from this moment on" you and your gift are in God's hands.

With love and Christmas blessings,
As a
musician, (after reading the attachment below that my dad sent me), I
realized there was something that I could do as well in the war against
Christmas. I wrote a song called 'Gabriel' you can listen to it for free
If you believe as I do, that this song will affect people in a
possitive way about true meaning of Christmas then please click this link:
http://www.kelowna.thesun.net/requests/create It is sun fm, a local
secular radio station that has a copy but is hesitant to play it because
they don't think anyone wants to hear Christian oriented Christmas
music! Finally, please read the attached article and pass it along, the
enemy has succeeded in kicking Christ out of our public
schools, lets not stand still and do nothing while Christ is being
kicked out of Christmas!!! Thankyou, God bless you and, oh yeah... Merry
----- Original Message ----- From: Operation Just Say Merry
To: billandangie@sympatico.ca
Sent: Friday, December 01, 2006 10:52 PM
Subject: The War against Christmas Rages on...What Can YOU Do?
The War against Christmas is on
and every Christian is needed in the battle
to keep Christ at the center of this holy season. Tired of being told
"Happy Holidays"? Forbidden to say "Merry Christmas" at work? Have you
looked around in vain for a Nativity Scene in public, or while you shop
at the mall?
For those with eyes to see, many hostile forces within our own
Country and abroad are trying to do away with any recognition of the Birth of
the Infant Jesus during His Season, the Christmas Season. Last year in
an effort to reclaim this holy season for the Nativity in our
community, we launched Operation Just Say "Merry Christmas" to encourage folks
to proudly proclaim "Merry Christmas" once again. To our surprise, this
effort gained national attention and we heard from many of you about
Hi, Tim!

It's Sunday PM and I just clicked on the "featured band" ad and listened to your latest upload, "So in Love." What a beautiful song! Thanks for a wonderful start to the week.

Blessings to you and your family,
hello from germany,

you have some great songs on this site,

praise the Lord.

Keep up the good work and continue to use the gift God gave you!

Please check out my first song on the net!

God Bless you
Hi i just listen to a few songs and they were very good! Keep it up- look i know our choice of music is different but i really would appricate if you could check out a track called pain and Sorrow
Hey, Tim!

I'm back for my CURE again. I currently have it at the top of my station so others can get blessed from my end of the neighborhood.

I'm enjoying your other songs tonight, too. I hope you are well and in the safekeeping of the Lord's presence.

With love from the bayou,
Hey, I love the guitar work in all your songs...(I only listened to three so far, and I liked it in those) also very nice mix it is smooth, and it sounds fun to play!
I am really enjoying your smooth guitar sounds, this is the type of jazz that lured me to 96.7 fm KEZL just long enough to get hooked before the station was bought out by a local company.=( You may like some of the trax on my new jazz movement page. Keep up the great music!!!
very tasty assortment of songs here.

Very relaxing, nice laid back sound. I love it, and I love your voice! wow. thanks for sharing your talents with us all smile :)

Hi Tom,

I'm Mike and I came Lay it Dowm on Freda's station. Gotta say I like the song and put it on mine. The opening guitar reminded me of an Eric Clapton type lead. Good vocals also. You can tell you are passionate about the message. Thanks. I'm new to soundclick and only have put up one song but give a listen and let me know what you think. Thanks again and God Bless,
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