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I see you rep NYC too. Since you're local, I thought you might be interested in this showcase... hit me back.

I'll be performing Tuesday, August 12th in Master Moo's....... "TIME FOR A CHANGE: PART 2" Showcase and Fashion Show.

Manhattan, NY
301 West 39th Street
Between 8th & 9th Ave.
STARTS at 9PM!!!!

Plenty of drinks if you drink..... plenty of models on the runway, and the BEST underground hip-hop artists in NYC.

Hit me up for YOUR TICKET!

JC - The Truth
Hi, I`m a Rapper & make a mixtape. I like your Style, your Beatz are very TIGHT! Please contact me at (mcadriano@okay.ms)
I pay also for Beatz, Peace!
yo check my page out and holla at me!!!! i got them ill beats and u must check out my interview page!!!! important message on it for brooklyn heads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! check me out and give me some feed back please!!!!!!!
Safe, new Marijuanic tracks @
Hey whaddup,i spit and im looking for people to connect with to expand my music,im located in NY also,where do yall record and make music,me and my team have plenty talent,we making moves already but we still developing our buzz holla
This Is Not Spam. This Is A CD Selling, Business Opportunity.
Hi Rollerz Listening Station Lease Information

Kiosk (Retail Store In Walkway Of Mall) @ Clackamas Town Center: Clackamas, OR.

Mall Hours:
Mon-Sat: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
Sun: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

Clackamas Town Center Trade Area Stats:
Current Population : 1,058,442
Current Average Household Income : $65,939

Lease Includes:
Discman w/ headphone set playing sample music from your CD.
A Sample Copy of your CD on display to show customers inside of CD and artwork.
Full-color CD display stand on counter w/ your: Name, Picture & Biograpgy. (you supply artwork)
Your artist/band name mentioned on two hundred Jammin 95.5 commercails that promote the kiosk and its artists throughout the month.
Your CD for sale w/ retail employee to assist any customers buying your CD and answer any questions they have.
100% of your sales. We take no money from your CD sales, all we ask is the lease at the beginning of the month.
10% discount on your next Hi Rollerz Duplication project.

Lease Price:
1 listening station = $375/month

Payout Examples:
2 CD's sold/hour @ $9.99 each = $6,134.16/month
1 CD sold/hour @ $9.99 = $3,067.08/month

Additional Options (You Supply Materials):
T-Shirt or Hat on retail display w/ retail employee to assist any costumers while buying your apparell - $50/month
Concert/Show ticket sales (we sell tickets to your events for the whole month) - $75/month + $.50/ticket sold
One 11" x 17" poster on display to increase sales - $100/month

Additional Hi Rollerz Services:
Studio/Mixing Time:
$30/hour @ High Quality Pro Tools Based Recording Facility.

CD Duplication:
50 CD's w/ black writing & paper sleeves - $89
100 CD's w/ black writing & paper sleeves - $139
200 CD's w/ black writing & paper sleeves - $229
500 CD's w/ black writing & paper sleeves - $449
50 CD's w/ black writing & slim cases - $99
100 CD's w/ black writing & slim cases - $149
Come listen to our label and artist...Beats free on page
Check out my new song "BLACK MAN LOST" VOTE XNOW NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey good stuff. check out my deal and place input. keep it up like a fat man in a strip club.
peeped tounge tied, defenitley a banga..... Strong Lyrics, keep coming Harder then Crack... Keep doin ya thing, holla at ya boy!
thx for tha feedback
im up for doin' a collab

hit me up
some real hot flowz on here

real tight jointz man im really feelin' this especially "Eternal Rhythm"

hit me up,check my site
oh yea in nyc were you live and sh*** cuz i could come there or you could come upstate were im at or we can do projects and link em together whatever you want to do you can call me if you want my num is on my page
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