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Welcome to my LIFE!
Download my album "From the Hilltop" today.
Enjoy! It's from the heart...
Hi...Big Teezy from Staten Island, I am making a radio station on Soundclick for "Staten Island" artists only called "Staten Island Radio" The station will be heavily promoted and supported by the artists and fans of artists of the station. The goal is to have the #1 radio staion on Soundclick and expose your music to a wider listening fan base. This can work and has worked to shoot your song way up the charts. If your song is on the "front page" of your genre, more fans come to your site and listen and comment on your music. The only commitment you would have is to play the station everyday and to tell your fans to do it also, in no time your song your promoting will be in the top ten on Soundclick in your genre. If you are interested in promoting your band with very little effort than this is for you. I managed the #1 Alternative Radio station at Mp3.com "Toilet's Underground" for 3 years (before it went belly up!). The station was a huge success for all involved, and a CD thru my record company "Toilet's Royal Flush" was made which included the artists on the station and was well recieved by College Radio and critics. If your willing to promote your music, simply leave me a message on my "Toilet & Bo-Peep" website and I will review your music for inclusion on the station. "Staten Island Stand Up!" ........thanks.........Big Teezy(Mike)/Cheese Maker Records
"Big Teezy" is an independent record producer, (CHEESE MAKER RECORDS) singer/songwriter from Staten Island New York, who produced tracks for 140 Productions, Ghost Face's Theodore Unit (Wigs & Soloman Childs), Annoying by Nature, ATM, The Dark Side of the Wizard and Sulton/Bedford. Sulton Bedford in one week on Soundclick generated 2000+ page views and 700+ song downloads. Big Teezy (Cheese Maker Records) is always looking for the best talent to promote and support.
Toilet and Bo-Peep
I like what I'm hearing!!! No doubt!!! Keep it up!!!

Attention SoundClick Users-

If you come to my site and listen to my emotional ballad "Never Leave Me Alone", women will find you 75% more attractive. Studies have been conducted! It's a fact! It's science! Also listening to my fight song "Rage" will make you 25% more attractive, so if you listen to BOTH songs then chances are you're going to get laid tonight. I love science!
yo check out DRK he's from staten island ill mc and he don't sound like anyone else peace
Listen to the band plays on. Reminds me of old Patti Smith Group or Eurythimics. Keep up the good work. Ted
great sounds.
nice tunes.
keep going.
Hey Jan!

Thanks for visiting my site! Your voice is awesome too!

"She doesn't love you" is a cool tune! God bless! Keep rockin'!!!!!!!

Hello New York!!!!
Hi Jan,
I listened to several of your tracks. I like your sound. Keep up the great work!

Hey Jan,

This is David Herring from the band Room 212; Thanks for coming by my webpage. I guess I forgot to let you
know when I added your song "Ain't it Something" to seven of my soundclick stations.

You asked how did I get your c.d.? For a soundclick station you don't need a c.d. Anyone can make a soundclick station. You just go to the song on soundclick that you like and click on add to my soundclick. Then you click on new station and you make a comment about the song, then you name your station, and you can make a soundclick station with songs that fit the category that you are featuring. Right now, I have around 100 soundclick stations.

Your story is an inspiration to us. 3 years ago, my son was hit by a car going 50 miles per hour. He was in a coma for almost a month. When he came out he told us how Jesus took him in his arms when the car hit him and took him to heaven where he saw his grandpa. He had to relearn how to walk, talk, eat, etc... it's been three years and he's playing the drum set, very well I might add? Check out our song: "Keepin' Hope Alive", I wrote it as a prayer from his hospital bed while he was in a coma.

I included your song: "Aint it something" on my Live STrong and Keepin Hope Alive oriented stations, cause these are stations of courage , hope perserverence, and hope for the journey of life, and your story is such an encouragement to others to keep on keepin' on. Well, sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Keep on makng great music!

God bless,
Room 212
"Hold On" is a great song! Ala-Pretenders! Awesome!
Hi Jan, I really enjoyed "Hope for the Best." I found myself reaching for my flamenco guitar and laying down some phrigian pescado's to the melody.
You take care now
Keep Rockin Im diggin it.
Best Regards,
Great songs. I like the diversity of your music.

Below is the link to my music. It's a little on the radical side, but fun for the whole family.
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