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play hi-fi  commenting Ocean blue
Overall Rating
What a gorgeous sound and beautiful clear production. Great little drum beat and captivating melody line, L
play hi-fi  commenting Medicine man
Overall Rating
This is Brilliant!! I enjoy it!
play hi-fi  commenting Day dreams
Overall Rating
A wonderful serene, soulful and polished guitar composition mixed with a great musical foundation....Really enjoyed the song.
play hi-fi  commenting Ocean blue
Overall Rating
wow!!! Very fresh and nicely performed song. I like your sound. Pro-mix and production. 5+ stars all the way.
Nice really mellow and smooth music. I like it , check out some of my tunes and tell me what you think. Especially "We send up
Praises" and "Angelic Bass Praise".
Hi Christian, I enjoy your music very much.
Hey Christian, I find your music very mellow and relaxing and, at the same time, upbeat. Nice work -- you should be quite proud!
Hello Christian,

I enjoyed listening to "Ocean Blue"..very exotic and romantic...i can feel the ocean breeze when i listen to this song..keep up the great work man! I voted this song HOT to help you out in the charts, Let me know when you have new material up, I would like for you to listen to my song "If You Could" sometime when you get the chance...thanks and much respect...

back for another dip in ocean blue. it was beautifully refreshing.

Hi !
Really enjoyed listening to your music.
Very emotional and tastefuly playing.

Love your stuff. Great vibe and feel.
Great sound. keep it up!
Dear Christian,

About two years ago you gave me permission to play your song on my son's website where I have a link to yours. Since then many, many people have compimented him on your music. I hope you have gotten many hits on your site from his. I just put up a website for my sweet niece and I was hoping you would allow me to put up Pacific Coast on hers. She loves it!
Thank you for your kind consideration.

Your web looks really great.

Reed Warren
Christian, Your music is exceptional. Earl
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