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Wußte garnicht, dass Du auch hier vertreten bist?
Fan und Station ist ein Muss, bei Deiner Musik!
cu HaPe aka magic dimension
Its very nice music!
Thank you
Bummmm ,bumm , bummm .
bummmm ,bumm , bummm lovely
hey yo just checked out your stuff feelin it man keep grindin if would would check my page out and leave me some feed back....ghost
Hey Nico, looks like you have a couple new songs here, how cool! Haven't seen you around for awhile, hope all is well with you. By the way, I have released a CD (finally) over at Artistlaunch. Check it out, I think it came out very nicely.

this is some great work
very skilled and sure
love this sort of clean vibe

just checking out your tracks. Very impressive work, loved them. You have a talent for creating great melodic electronica. Excellent. smile :)
This is nice stuff. I particularly liked je tombe. Aquator's beat made me think of 808 State. Northpolar was cool, too, though the cymbal/ride (whatever you call that damn thing) is a bit harsh (I liked the bass sound). Dancing wire is a good song overall, nice beat and a really neat melody with that bending synth, though I would like to hear the bass low-end sound a bit more prominently in the mix. Good stuff here.

I'm listeing to Ozon well actually had it on repeat for awhile now. It's an outrageous song man. I'll be sure to keep checking back.
Hello Nico, I am listening to "Moving along the clouds" for about the 10th time in a row, and I wanted to say that I really love this track. It's so chilled and smooth!

cheers my friend,
"Flight over Siam"...sehr schönes Stück, sehr inspirierend!
Weiter so!

Grüsse aus dem dubbigen berlin...
Excellent work here mate! Added flight over Siam to my Chill out station... beautiful music!
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