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You play this with a perfect rubato - ALMOST syncopated but not quite. Tricky waltz to get the balance and lyricism just right. I love this piece for the cross rhythms, extreme contrasts in mood, and that almost ragtime like ending. One of my favorite pieces of Chopin.

WOuld love to write a work for you one day.
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Super performance.. thanks for bringing this marvelous music..

Best wishes
Ousama AFIFI, EG Music
Microphone placement is terrible on this least for the first movement!
muy contento y conmovido al poder bajar y escuchar la música que siempre me ha gustado, y que tan bien interpreta este artista. MUCHAS GRACIAS POR ESTE SERVICIO DE DIFUSIÓN MUSICAL.

For some reason, the hi-fi and download links for this track do not seem to work. Could you please check it out? I'm really looking forward to listening to this track. It's one of my favourite piano concertos! thank you.
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This is the best performance of this piece, I have ever heard. It's breathtaking. Thank you.
play hi-fi  commenting Chopin Scherzo No 2
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Your play is really incomparable!
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A truly stunning performance!
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Dimitri, mpravo. Eisai pragmatika katapliktikos. Tora, to ti leei aytos o typos ligo pio kato apo emena..... ego ta akoyo berese. Eleipe leei mia nota apo to original score. Kala.... Anyway. Se theoro isos ton kalytero performer sthn Ellada mas. Sygxaritiria file moy. Eisai xarismatikos kai moysikh idiofyia.
Enas synthetihs.
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Vry nice website, and great MP3s. But.., one in particular, Liszt's "Feux Follets" was "unusual". It is known that it is played in two-notes in the right hand. In interpretation of Mr. Sgouros, one could hear just one, top note being played clearly, but the second, lower note is missing at times for the most part. I do not know the particulars, but I do not think think that the pianist could not play it well (majority of his MP3s on this website is rather well-done and wonderfully executed musically). It leaves the listener the idea that, perhaps, the piano was quite heavy and, as it was an encore, Mr. Sgouros, might just gave up on the original scoring of the piece. With a total respect to the pianist, I think that he could have put a bit better executed recording of this particular piece on this webpage.

Thank you.
Very nice playing!!

Cyndee, electric violin
I was very pleased to listen to the Chopin Piano Concerto 3rd. movement. I was the conductor at that 1982 performance (Felipe Izcaray), that was with the Simon Bolivar National Youth Orchestra of Venezuela. Dimitri was a very energetic 12-year old boy then, and a superb pianist, comparable only to Martha Argerich in poise and stamina. I am sure he has kept up his artistry.
Music Director
Orquesta Sinfonica de Salta
Salta, Argentina
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