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Hi to all bluespeople and good music fans. We are still on the road keeping the rocks rollin'... Good vibrations to everybody!!!
ja blues und bier
in diesem fall mehr davon super
gruessze aus saltcastle city
Ressaca ... excellent tune, fantastic playing !!
"Ressaca" I love this song man! Great job! Cool banner too... I clicked it to get here... Beer and Blues, I just couldnt pass it by ya know.. Happy New Year!

Hi Blues and Beer,
Love Ressaca' found it when i was surfing the charts. A great instrumental with a nice feel, good 'Santana' influence, you really can play thar guitar, I think it's a great song !!. It would be great if you could find the time to take a listen to our song [Your Life] All the best Tam & the Giants
Hi, I really liked your live number 'leave your fear behind'. Gorgeous guitar work both on the rhythm and the lead.

really enjoyed ressaca, the way it dared to go off the beaten path just a touch, but maintained a form easy to relax and enjoy.

Hey whats good!

I was browsin through the blues category when I came to your page! Listened to a couple of your tracks. Intaeco Blues is pretty nasty, the soul melody is there. Keep doin it up!!!! Respect*

Hi, B&B,
great song (intencao blues), I like it very much.
Greetings from ORPLID
oi pessoal! grande som! Pelo set-list do vosso site os shows devem aquecer muito. Temos muitas músicas do set-list em comum é sinal que temos todos bom gosto smile :) continuem a "bluesar" - abraço
Olá Pessoal!
Muito legal seu som!Eu estava checando a posição de um amigo inglês nas paradas, e achei sua música! Muito bem gravada, guitarras excelentes, letras e música muito bacanas!
"Chove e não molha" e "Intenção Blues" são realmente muito boas.
Também tenho uma página aqui, e também estou nas "charts"...

Sucesso pra vocês
Sounds Good, Come By And Check Us Out thanks, Industry Elevyn
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