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Thanking you for riding Sourmonkey Soundwaves. I hope your journey was inspiring, and please post your thoughts below.
Hi Gabriel,

I'm happy to present finally a piece of music from my rock band (some videos will come later) :

play hi-fi  commenting GAMES (2004)
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Excellent stuff, number one of a komp of karma-labs.com
I love/like your stuffa man!
btw cool monkey!
ahh finaly got to the bottom of your playlist and am listening to Frame-Dragging right now... fantastic!! nice melodic chill out music. Those drums are great and those pads!! very nicely done! my kind of music! wink ;)
You have some realy creative work here! I realy like how you push the envelope between experimental and melodic. Great stuff!

Games, Civility, and Reflectivity so far are my favs. Very original and nicely produced.
Thank you very much for your post Sourmonkey.
As you understood, I appreciate very much your music, and your philosophical point of views. You have very interesting opinions I've read on karma-lab forums. I would like to talk with you about so interserting subjects, well problem is still language to be very good understood for my part.
Whatever, be sure a french guy opinion doesn't suck all the time ;-)
Yeah man thanks for the music. It runs deep. Do you go to UT? I do. Says you live in Austin and your young so it seems likely. I like your other web page and links too, you like similar sciences and books as I. If I had any musical talent I'd colab with ya. Well Im just rambling, but keep doing what you do!
Just listened to "Games". . .your best yet!
I enjoyed your tracks. I haven't listened to them all yet, but my favorite so far is "Reflectivity". "Frame-Dragging" was also very cool.

The music has a very reflective quality to it--I could sense the spirituality behind it. It forces you to go beyond just listening for listening sake. I really liked it.
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