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Well done, Mike
'Househusband Macho' is friggin' hilarious. big grin :D
Hi Mike,
I really enjoyed your music. I gave
"These Are the Ones Who Die"
a "HOT" and added it to one of my stations. 'Like your voice a lot and
appreciate your contributions
to peace.
Hi Mike,
Saw your post on the Seniors forum.
Will definitely be back to listen but wanted to say hi.... before I forget...

Some say i protest somewhat in my stuff....
see ya in the forums
popa voted could be about 2004 too (sadly).
Great songs and amazing lyrics.

Below is the link to my music. It's a little on the radical side, but fun for the whole family.
Went to your web site great songs. My favorites were Popa Voted and Gouge them. It sucks that dumb-ass Bush got elected, but at least our Bush bashing songs are good for 4 more years. Keep on writing and picking and remember to vote Democrat. York Taylor (Hillbilly Democrats)
Great tune Mike, it made us laugh and smile! check out some of my bush songs too! best wishes , see ya on the road __Rick Summer Droit
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