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Howdy folks! Thanks for checking the site out! Check out the Music section for some free MP3s and leave me a message if you like (or dont like) what you hear.....peace, Johnny
Johnny Mazcko

what a talent this man is.

fantastic tracks of energy and power.



tune into
The Late Night Blues and Jazz Hangout


and listen to the stories and music of these fine Independent Artist.

Johnny will be a guest on our show on
4th MARCH and up loaded to the podcast network 12th March.

Tune in and listen to johnny and his music.

Thanks Johnny Mazcko a Star in the making.

johnny mazcho
a name that will shine bright

what a great talent johnny is and the lyrics to these songs are from the heart and sung with passion.

please support this fine artist.

recommended highly.


Gday johnny I havnt been around for a while but called in today to listen to your music and the two that grab me in the heart are
cant write a love song
baltimore avenues
these two songs bring out your obvious talents for great lyrics and feeling for music that you have.
I will keep in touch as I believe you have a huge future.
keep it going and bring out some more of those great sounds of country blues/rock.
thank you and merry christmas and a successfull new year for 2006.

sentational and highly recommended

bucky mucker
good work!
Cant Write A love Song
I have listened to this track 12 times so far tonight.it is a wonderfully well written track.very catchy and a song that grows on you.
fantatic lryics well sung by a talented man and unknown lady who makes this song sound exseptional.
well done and highly recommended.

bucky mucker
This talented artsist is a sentation.
vocals of pure silk.well constructed tracks and wonderful lyrics.
Cant Write A Love Song is one of the best balads i have listened to in a long time.wonderfull lyrics and well sung by this wonderful talent.
please i recommend anyone who like fine talent in music to take the time and listen to this fantastic vocalist.

i have added the tracks to my Station at soundclick where the top artist perform.

Bucky Muckers Station
number 1 station in blues

click on as a user and enjoy the music

thanks for the great time i have had here listening to John Mazcko a big future in store for John.

Bucky Mucker
hey I like your music...you are in www.stauerecords.com....to..

Dj Aldo...
Hey Johnny.. Where you at? Check out our new one 'Zach" when you can! ~US
I am not a big fan of war, in general...
But I am a big fan of your song, "War".

Keep spreading the word!

I've got a song called "Who Would Jesus Bomb?"
I can relate...
Hey, check out our new tune and a remix of Nocturne when you get a second Johnny.

-Uncle Shaker
Hey Johnny, thanks for the message dude. We're playing at Conley's Pub in Watertown on Belmont Ave every month (next gig Sat July 10th) Come on out man. We go on 9:30..peace!
Really all it is healthy. I listen and enjoy. Though itself such I do not write. Call on!!! At me absolutely fresh tracks. Good luck!!!
uncle shaker left me a message, too. keep playing out and about, johnny. you rock me to my very core. let's do another show together soon.
Hey man, you have sound that makes complete sense to us. See you around Boston hopefully...Rock on,

-Uncle Shaker band
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