God's Plan
New School
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Welcome to the message board. I appreciate feedback from listeners and fellow musicians alike. If you like the music on this page, please tell all your friends! Thanks for listening!
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I LOVE this, simply beautiful, the mix of instruments and melding of them you have here is just yummy! I'm way new to this kinda music, but what a treat to find you tonite on SC, you have me mesmerized...I will have to be adding this to a station and will be listening to more soon! Thanks for sharing your talent here wink ;) just thought id give you that site because dude is on there sayin he will wipe out the asian race by killing all asians!!! i dont play that racist sh** so now me an this punk are beefin hope you will have some words for this clown!!! thanks and 100
Hey MoShang ! Just dropped by to check out your latest music. I love 'Kou Chou Ching - Black Heart'. Totally awesome ! Look forward to hearing all the other tracks!

aka Stephanie M/Taraanah KTB
Hi MoShang

It was very cool to hear and meet you in SL the other night. Just coming in to say hello and have a listen.

yo man... its nice to know karlsbad and sansedge is on your list... big ups for the chills...
Dragonbeat, Comfort Zone and Street Song are so good! And I'm listening to all the others at the moment. Well done on all your work!
"Dragonbeat" is my favourite.
Thank you.
Hey man, did you worked with Afterlife on their latest album?
Wutsup man
im a Hip Hop Emcee From Canada and was wondering if your willing to collab with other artists?
check out my music and let me know
Morgan "Mabu$" McLaren
hey man...checked out your "comfort zone" track..really smooth....definately somethin anyone can vibe too..i voted HOT on keep doin what you do...come by our page and drop a note....peace
I'm good for whenever, just say when.
Had an idea, I'm not sure if you do collabs or not...but maybe once your cd is finished we could do one?
PS. Followed the link to the Granular China samples - I'm going to have a go with them and see what I can dream up !
Saw your logo on the featured bands in Soundclick and thought I'd check out your music. 'Soli' is absolutely beautiful... just what the Doctor ordered after a headbanging day at the office ! Lovely arrangement and melodies - very classy indeed. Look forward to working my way through the rest of your tracks !

Best wishes
Stephanie M
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