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New School
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We hope you enjoy the music. Peace.
no doubt bro you can use the mark of the beast beat.give me your email ill send it to you and let me hear how it comes out ighht bro..god bless.glory to god
Love the tracks, good work! Remember some of them from my time with JC from 2000-2001, in UK and India. Brings back some mighty fine memories for me! Shout out to Rols and Sue, thanks for putting my feet on the path to Truth all those years ago.
Stay true to what you believe in, seek to live with Truth.
How you doing bro.
I hope all is good in oz.
I heard your John the Baptist tune. Nice track. You sound like you were using a reggae vibe.
Keep on holding onto the faith.
It seems like there is still a few of us left who still believe.
how nice to hear some music. I don't have to worry about what kind of message is behind it. Keep up the good stuff
What's going on man your flow has come a ways keep up the good work family i'm proud of you!
yo, I checked that "Its time to heal"....feelin it fasho, I jus uploaded a new hot beat called "Aim Higher", come download it
hey man good music stay positive and never give in. need beats or collab send me a message on neiradproducts@yahoo.com peace...
The division between people is within each of us-aka sin- to blaim religion as the problem has it's problems too; I'm sorry if you have not found Christ in the church; Jesus did start the church and leave it in our hands.

Much of what you say is true and important for us all to hear, but to bash the church is to bash the bride of Christ... "Make them one as you and I are one..." Father in heaven, bless these folks and their mission and lead them home...
I love your songs from nothing and Thank You!
I am weak, but He is strong... we are blessed dust... beloved sinners... Bless you and your family...
Hi, I`m a Rapper & make a mixtape. I like your Style, your Beatz are very TIGHT! Please contact me at (mcadriano@okay.ms)
I pay also for Beatz, Peace!
Wats good wit u man fellin ur flows! im Trantic from Dub K, kansas tryin 2 spread the word and bring sum positive influence 2 tha rap game, check out my songs and dont hesitate 2 respond and tell me wat u think, god bless, Trantic
hi JC how you guys doing?
I listened to Decieved by Religion some time ago but I was not in a mind to leave a comment as I had a bad day.
I have listened to the track about 3 time in a row now and I am liking it better the more I here it. I like the beat alot and the lyrics are good.
I like the way you sang the hook as well. It worked well.
I know you play this alot lol. It does sound really good when it is listened to repeatedly.
You guys take care

Superfire 702
Praise God! Had a chance to listen to "Decieved By Religion" and it was the truth. Keep on telling the truth!! The world needs more of it!!

Checkout My Myspace and listen to the song entitled "He Said Go" and tell me what you think. You can also check out all my tracks from my first album there at www.myspace.com/shyritawashington
Just checked out your tracks and voted hot, you definitely got talent. I'd appreciate it if you could please check out my tracks and vote hot. Unlike these other spammers i do actually check out your music as i know the work that goes into each song so if you could return the favour it would mean a lot, thank you.
How you doing

I got some tracks that can be downloaded now.
My latest track is called
"Lesbian Influenced NIV Bible (Pt 13)"
There must be a reason why these things are being exposed now.
Check it out.

P.S. Where ever you guys are in the world right now, take care. I send out a prayer for you and the work you guys are doing.
You've got some hot songs. Good luck with your music.
Peace & God Bless
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