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Super Love - Top #10 Radio Hit
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Have a great weekend !!!
Oh you finally uploaded that Allan Holdsworth song. Your solo on Proto Cosmos still freaks me out. You're a f***in prodigy dude! big grin :D Oh and my friend girls love your acoustic song.. Keep playing them for the chicks >smile :)
Hey man! its your fellow shred-head Bean from the Racer X board! How you doin? "Your" music is awesome and you are one of the best guitarists out here. I hope you can get some originals on soon cause i want to hear what have goin on in your head. haha

keep shreddin' in your fusiony way

hey dude, im from england, studying at the brighton institute of modern music (where guthrie teaches). Please tell me that you are considered a pretty f*cking sweet player or there's no hope for any of us.
dude u phockin rock
Damn man you're the same age as me?

I need to go practise more!
Hey There.
I gave your tune a listen, the quality isn't that bad i made my way through the whole thing. You play a mean guitar keep on rockin.
If you wanna check us out give "Brothers" a listen and let us know what you think.
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