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Nice! Love that walkin' bass line. Good work.
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Michael Walthius is a household name where I live. (mainly because I love his music and talk about it constantly) My mp3 player is almost half Michael Walthius, considering I find my self skipping past songs that aren't his (even my own). When composing a song I find my self trying to imitate his work. A great example of his work is "Calaban" (download the midi at his website! it may sound better on your own synth): as a rule, high pitched bells constantly playing the same melody over and over at my right ear should drive me insane, but instead it’s a groovy song that I cant stop listening too. And these songs aren't short either; you may be thinking of the webtunes from the early days of the Internet. Great work Michael Walthius, if I were a writer you would definitely be on Wikipedia by now.
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