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Welcome! You can either leave a message here, or head over to We would love to hear from you.
Just Dropping by to Wish you a Great Holiday season. Cheers, from Todd and Agenda.
Got the CD! Sounds fantastic turned up on big speakers.
hi guys your music sounds great especially ghad.
I`m a roadie for a dutch band called wake check their website they play cool post grunge.
Their webadress is
Thanks hope to see you somtime and maybe play together.
Just dropped in for my Karmic check up.
I really like the dynamic range of "Gahd". Nicely polished. Hear us.
Hey, I've been really busy in the studio working on my songs. The first five tunes listed on my site are all new...(or new versions). If you get a minute, please check them out. I very much appreciate feedback...(good and bad).
Hope 2006 is going well for you...
Stay inspired,
Cool site,solid tunes,capt spaulding for president!
very elaborate production, great vocal work (liked amber jesus in particular). thanks for sending the songs out into the universe for all to hear.
I came and I found "Gahd", a very early U2 vibe to it. Love the haunting reverb vocal and driving bass. Strong rhythm guitar which is very tightly bound to the drum track and completes the over all impression of a solid and tight rock band. Very huge sound and very good writing. I enjoyed it a great deal.
Hi, We have a new song out that you might really dig called "A Reason For Everything". Have a good one and thx.
Best Wishes for the holiday season and the upcoming year.

We have six songs which will be released in January and the coming months and we are anxious to share them. Cheers from snowy Montreal, Todd

A long time ago you wrote to me and said that you look forward to hear more about me. So I invite you to listen to AGENDA THE ROCK BAND. I'm singing in Maude. I think you already know the band hein !

We'll post new songs soon. It will be an amazing kind of rock. Keep an eye on it ! And keep the good work !
Was listening to you on A Cat Named Bob Radio. I vote HOT! Have a good day.
Dropped By to say Hi while listening to "Pain" on my Whitehot`s Songs That May Make Your Day Soundclick Radio. A collection of my Soundclick favorites. Have a great day. Cheers from Montreal, Todd
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