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hi, whatsup, got a message for me? leave it here, i´ll definetely read it smile :)
hey, nice tracks.

what sequencer program you use?
i used to use Fruityloops but im moving onto Reason.

Anyway, how did you open up an mp3 store, and do you make money?
i like the heaven said he'd missed me track. keep up the good work.
isn producer... smile :) Cubase SX?? versuche nämlich auch so abundzu wat damit aber mainly arbeite ich in Reason3.04.

peace. respect.
ok netter trance sound in "thetakeover"... könntest es aber noch deeper machen! wink ;) in richtung ICR... mit welchen programm arbeitest du??

peace. respect.
love your stuff.. great tracks all over

thanks a ton for introducing me to eliasweb.. it's changed my life!
Hey I added you to my bands, I know you from myspace haha. Keep it up!
Greetings Spot! Nice to see you, your music is fantastic as always.. Ill have to sign up and purchase something!
take care man, keep it up
nice production skills , sounds realy good here
Checkin' The Takeover, more manic dnb...excellent and really original!

Your stuff stands out from the everyday DnB. That isn't a bad thing at all either. I'm lovin "Spiritual Endeavour". Get back at me when you put up new stuff.
Just listening to the Takeover....kudos....the drumwork needs more kick though.
I really liked some of your other tracks too. Hope you upload some more.......
listening to Rave MIT.
the build-up and the (totally unexpected) break at 1:15 is awesome! i love it.
the distortion at 2:10 is great! Started thinkin about that "Windowlicker" when i heard it. Are you into dj Shadow, or Amon Tobin? peace.
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