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YO U HOt.... come out and check out these hot young'nz thats full of fire from philly!
ay dat usher sample is niceee. get at me bout some beats aight. aim mzuniquestylezz
Yo nice ish u got here

I got some hot ish on my site trust that, if u feel like droppin some feedback on my site it'll be appreciated.

The Caustic MC
Abstrakt Soundz ur my hero!!! i wanna be just like you when i grow up!
This is twilight zone. You rockin' the same alias(different spelling) for basically the same reason. We even got similar taste in production. My bad if I'm wrong but ya beats sound like they got MPC all over them, that's out of my price range right now, I'm tryin to get my 9th Wonder on with Fruity Loops for now. But definate props.
yo im really likin your stuff, nice mellow grooves, big up on the Big L track, thats my man right there. Keep doin it man
peace abstrakt, this is D. Mic Reelz homeboy, jus wanted 2 give u mad props on ur traks... imma be at ur level one day. but in the meantime we gotta collab soon.
abstrakt,wudup yo. you got some amazing trax on ur site. i luv ur style and ne one with creativity like u. i voted 2 of ur trax hott. im lovin it. show me some love and check out my site.
Wuz up Pimpin. Check out my new song "f*** The Industry" Its the hottest song on sound click write now. I also have a ten track Demo. Assassin, Holla!!


nice work

check me out and tell me what ya think
nice beats i think instead of just bare you can add a lil more sounds to the beats but not like that neptunes joint. i see where most of these are just for rappers cause i cant find a melody to vibe to. still hot sh***.
dope drop....
Nice tracks you got, I'm feelin ya production, keep at it!

Come check out my new DJ Penn diss track called "Don't push me... B1tch" and leave some feedback! This faggity-ass-geek that you see spamming Soundclick TOO MUCH lately got wrecked on hard, just like all them other b1tches I had to diss before, LOL.

Ight, thanks and keep me updated on your hits!

HU$TLE from

PS- "This message is for anyone who reads it... do you need more traffic to your site??? Well just go to my website and add your site to my "Free-For-All-Links" page in my message board! You will instantly get a few more hits due to my site getting THOUSANDS of guests a weak! Thanks and return the favor too!"
Producers: Here is your Chance!

The recently released song: Man Like Me, by Teck which was #1 on the charts for a week straight and in the top ten for 3 1/2 weeks now is available to remix. I have uploaded the acapella for all of you to download and produce a remix to it. contact me at: when you finish and it will be uploaded to my soundclick page, my site and sent around to a lot of places on and offline.

I will not be using these remixes to sell and make any money off. I just want to keep people posted on my music, and always create new music. This is a perfect opportunity to get your name out in new places and also get a nice emcee over one of your beats. take advantage of this opportunity today!

- Support Michigan HipHop
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