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I think you are one of the best on SoundClick and if you need beats check me out
I just uploaded my new song WANT ME TO BE its just a clipping but I would love to hear what you think of it smile :) I am trying a new direction musicially and I really want to know what people think of it right now at the stage its in. Thanks so much and feel free to listen to more of my other songs if you have the time.

Hi Gary
I saw "jessica" on the charts, and just had to stop by for my fix of "Arlyse".
Every time I hear that song it sends shivers down my spine with its sheer beauty.Haven't seen you around lately ... take care.
Cool music Gary! Keep the music playing!
Hey Gary saw ya on the hangout yesterday and introduced ya to some people that hadn't heard ya yet... Anyways good to see ya again and keep in touch, keep writing those tunes wink ;)
I got an open mind for ANY kind of music... I checked out a couple of ya tracks and I liked what I heard, keep me updated on your new releases!

Please return the favor and come check out the current #1 song on Positive Vibes chart called "Can't Tell Me What To Do!" at the link below! I might have a different style, but I know you can relate to some of my songs. Leave some feedback in my message board and let me know what ya think! PEACE and good luck on your career!

HU$TLE from
Hey Check out my new song WEEPING. Id love your opinion on it. Thanks so much.

I put up some of my older songs I did a couple years back. Love to hear what you think. GOODBYE, MISFORTUNE, BREAK, BROKEN. Id love if you gave me a review on those 4 songs. Thanks so much.
I put up my new song LOST love if you gave me some feedback on it that would be so cool. smile :)

What a privilage to hear and meet such an ENERGETIC TALENT like yours !


Hey Gary checkin out It's a madhouse right now, man great song! Great rythym, lots of spicy guitar work too!! I saw you at the hangout and thought I'd have a listen, glad I did!
Hi Gary, thanks for dropping by as always smile :)) Keep up the great work and good luck with music and life - love from Chris and Laura xx
Hey Garysmile :)..Thanx 4 dropping by and your kind words..Nice to hear your stuff again..'You still thrill me' still thrills,and Madhouse is deliciously smooth and jazzy..8)
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