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The New Create Cdr is officially released.

Create - Kindred Spirits Now Available

Click on the link below if you would like a copy.


Steve (Create)
some great tracks u got going on ur site keep up the good work

Debut Astrogator Cd The Darkness Between available shortly direct from the Astrogator website.
New Create website and also website link for joint project with Jez Creek recording as Astrogator.
Glad you enjoyed Reflections From The Inner Light Paul.

It was great to meet up and i hope to hook up with you again when i come across to Toronto.
A wonderful disc
I had the good fortune of linking up with "Create" on recent travels to England. Steve was kind enough to give me a copy of "Reflections from the inner light". I had rented a car and was thrilled to learn it had a CD player. That allowed me to play the disc (the only one I had) throughout the entire drive, which is excatly what I did. The English country side will forever be associated with epic pieces like "Touching the void", "Kaleid" and the terrific opener "Narissa". Haunting and hypnotic, it was hard to keep my eyes on the road, especially for late night driving. At one point, I do believe I was able to fly the car, but again, it might have been the music.
Anyway, it's a terrific disc and while I've read about many comparisions to the Berlin School, Create does have some very unique stylings, especially where rhythms and key signatures are concerned. Get the disc! If you're in Canada, travel to England, meet up with Steve, and perhaps he'll get you your own copy.
Cheers from across the pond.
Astrogator website (under construction):
Happy New Year to you all!

Big thanks to those people who have bought the Cd and also to everyone else who has visited the website over the last 12 months.

Hope to have a new Cd out sometime this year entitled From Earth To Mars and i've also been recording some material with fellow musician Jez Creek.

Editing of this material will start later this month and i'll keep you posted with regards to a Cd release etc.

We as a duo are to called Astrogator, the name is taken from 2 words Astrology/Navigator which describes our sonic journey.


Steve Humphries (Create)
The Chesterfield track is cool, wonder whow our collaboration will turn out
Hi Steve

Just spent some time listening to your tracks. I liked 'Kaleid' a lot. Your longer pieces are really well put together and hold the listeners attention really well. There's some excellent production in there. Best wishes for your further projects.

P smile :)
Hey, Steve, don't forget to tell everyone about your gig :-)
Hey I checked out some of your tunes I liked. Someone if u wanna check out my tunes would be cool thanks smile :)
Good music,bright color and fine texture. Continue your sonic voyage. Wish you succes.
My short review of _Reflections From The Inner Light_:

I like the long tracks the best, with "Kaleid" (12:49) and "Touching the Void" (14:06) being my current favorites and "Narissa" (13:28) close behind. All of the long tracks flow well and hold my interest.

"Dark Skies" (6:51) is atmospheric (although still with sequences and percussion) and a nice change of pace.

The CD version of "Medusa" (4:35) starts out well but has some jarring percussion and sequences. Steve has revised this track to remove the percussion and sequences; I like the new version a lot -- it's an interesting piece of "floating" music. The revised version is available on this web site.

"Surface Control" (9:15) has a bit more of a "modern" sound, starting with a more "digital" intro.

"Downside Up" (7:45) gets a good sequencer groove going that I would have liked to have been a few minutes longer.

In short, I like _Reflections From The Inner Light_ a lot!

Steve Grace
My first official Cdr is now available from Soundclick.
The Cdr is entitled Reflections From The Inner Light and it consists of 7 tracks and a running time of 70 minutes.

If you would like to order a copy just click on the STORE icon on the main page and then follow the prompts.

Thanks for listening!smile :)


Steve (Create)
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