Majestic Drama
Higher Places (feat Ogasilachi)
Instrumentals with Hooks
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Hi, thank you for listening to New Atlantis. Let us know what's on your mind.
play hi-fi  commenting Cherry Sky
Overall Rating
Marvelous flute and guitar work. Love the arrangement...the interplay with the instruments. Clearly a wonderful piece. Really enjoyed the listen
play hi-fi  commenting Cherry Sky
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Love this, wow
play hi-fi  commenting Mojave Flight
Hi Brett,

It's a melodica. Thanks for listening!

Best Wishes,
Chuck Easter of New Atlantis
play hi-fi  commenting Ocean Voyage
Overall Rating
Very nice, very relaxing an all around beautiful piece.
Enjoy your music very much. Just added your song Rumi's Song to my new station "All New Age". Check it out if you get a chance!
Hello Chuck!

just stopped by to play your songs. I sprained my arm yesterday and just can't sleep with the nagging pain so I decided to get up and play some of my favourite artists.

Have a Great week!

Hello Chuck,

came hear to listen to your songs and I am very impressed with the content. The balance and effects that you achieve are astounding! I really love this stuff as it is so refreshing.

Wishing you every success!

Hi there!

I hope you don't mind me asking, but you've been kind enough to give me feedback on my message board in the past, and I've just put a new song up on my page, which I'd be honoured if you were to critique. It's called 'Children of Circumstance'. When you have a moment, could you play it through? If you like it, vote it hot! If you really like it, come back tomorrow, and play it again!! And if you REALLY like it, 'tell-a-friend' ! :o) !
Hey Atlantis:

Nice new age stuff you have here, especially "Rumi's Song." Nice flute harmonies, very tranquil. Takes you away to another place. Hot vote from me.

Check out my alternative originals at my site, including the psychedelic "If I Only Had A Brain," currently at #23 on Soundclick's Classic Rock chart. Cast your vote and spread some karma around.

Keep up the good work.

Hey whats good yall? I liked ya traks they got somin good bout them! Its kool to here what ya saying, gd looks on that. Keep it up. When ya get a chance come through ma page and check out my new single called “Cant Beat Me Down” produced by the huge 2Gunz!!!! Ya know this is guna be a future hit on soundclick so come through and show some love for it! Be a part of it yall this is hip hop at its best!! Much Love and Respect.

your music is very soulful and spiritual! keep it coming! =)
Lovely music. Keep it coming - and if you want to check out the new songs on my page any time, that's just fine by me!
I stopped by to listen. I like what I hear.

The Dynamicist
Nice music. I like Snow Melt!

Cyndee, electric violin
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