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Hi Jason... I am so thrilled to have stumble upon your page here! Your music is AWESOME! We have much in common... and I am looking forward to visiting more in the future!

nice man ! distant signal the best !
Man, I just love your music!
I want my next project to be on the same style that you are doing.
NICE music.. relaxing!!

Cyndee, electric violin
Thanks guys!

I just found out that my email address at my account is down. They are looking into it. If you need to contact me, I have updated my email address on the contact page.

Thanks again for the comments!!

Jason Hissong
just added "trapezium" to my station. nice stuff. reminds me of alan parsons and jarre.
all the best to you,
Terry Hawke

"Playing the best in Spacerock, Ambience & Electronica"
Greetings, I like your compositions Jason, and I'd like to play a track or two either on my forthcoming radio show &/or on my live DJ gigs. Could you please contact me.

I think your music is relaxin. My favs would have to be Trapezium, Infant, and The Perfect Machine. Thx for makin them. Keep on doin wut u doin. See yas
This is great stuff. Just shows how powerful Reason is. I like your dedication to spacey, dreamey, trippy deep space music. You might want to check out A Liquid Blueprint's track "Long Stretches of Nothing", I think its up your alley and its also Reason.
Hello! Great work here, thank you for contributing to the ambience/electronic scene. check out my darker ambience project, slough.
btw, my name is Jason as well... hehe

I was a huge fan of Kraftwerk, Tomita and Jean-michel Jarre music in the 70's and 80's. Your music brings back a lot of great memories. I am on the mailing list now and look forward to more music from you. Please let me know if you release a CD.

Keep up the good work.

Michael Massey
Thanks guys!

At this time, no cd is available unfortunately. But if interests pick up, I can definately get something going!

This music is awesome - could you let me know if a CD is available? I'm a UK resident so I could do limited promoting over here!
I just released a new song called The Perfect Machine.

Please let me know what you think!

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