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Dear Michael,
You Are Gift To All Of Us Who Miss, Our Angels, You Help Us To Keep The Memories Of Our Children Close To Our Hearts And Allow Others To Know Not Only did they die But They Lived and they Left us with memories To Beautiful To Forget.
You are A Blessing To All Of Us
Thank You Michael From The Bottom of my Heart!!!
Benjimans Mom
your music is really encouraging and uplifting!

Trust in Jesus and you will see more of his glory!

Your songs are a blessing! Thanks for sharing what God has put in your heart.
I sit here and listened to each song. About each precious angel. I said a prayer for each family. Your songs was very touching, and emotional. We were certainly bless with your talent.
May the Lord be with you all the time. Guide you and keep you safe from evil and harm.. Thank you for sharing your angel music with us.
Your songs are very very touching and being a mother it touches my heart even more. You have a Godgiven talent and you are using it so beautifully.
God Bless,
Your last message to me said to post if we wrote a new song. Well, it arrived! Would love to hear what you think. Are you working on any new songs?
- Dan
Very heartfelt and touching. Bless you
Heartfelt songs and poems help us to feel closer to our 'special angels'
Hey Michael:

You have it my friend. That blessing that God pours out only on a few. The comparrison To Roy behoves me for he was one of my favorites and yes, you do compliment him in great fashion.

Best of luck on your career and keep them great songs and voice coming!

Barry Zell
Hi Michael!
If I stand up I will stop composing! So still sitting I have penned another soundtrack,"Myling's Shangrila"...if you read the story and you 'll get the idea.
would love your thought my friend.

Take CAre

Andy smile :))
Hi Michael!
What a cool idea for an album.Tearjerker if ever there was one! I love the "Christopher" one the best.
Thank you for your comments on "Here We Go".Yes this is the vocal version which you have not heard before.
I have had the machine working overtime again and pushed out another two!
"Strawberry Chimes" is a re release and "Birth of a City" is one I did today!!!

See what you think my friend

Andy smile :))
hi Michael !! I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your wonderful words on my soundclick messageboard. I check my page here very very rarely.. hence the late response to your nice words.

Please feel free to email me at smile :)

I will go listen to your music now.
marina smile :)

i used to live in Illinois!!!!!!!! smile :)
Hi Michael,

Just stopping by to say hello and to keep up the good work. I uploaded some new material. Stop by when you get a chance. Peace!
Thank you for the nice comments. You do so well at writing music for such a difficult topic. I wrote one song regarding the same situation for my cousin called Welcome Me Jesus. Keep up the great work and moving people with your music. Peace!
Michael, Thank Your For The Great Comments On My Music And After listening To You, I Would Have To Say Your Heart & Soul Are in The Right Place! Your Doing A Very Positive Thing Here And Your Truely Living Up To Your Last Name "Peace" Good Work Mike!! All The Best, Kevin Michael Ingham
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