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Welcome to the Happy Cockatiel Message Board. Please leave a nice message here. And ... if you don't mind ... let us know the name of your birdie ;-)))
Fun, witty and musically enjoyable. A very happy Cockatiel!
Thanks for sharing your cockatiel music ... mine is liking it.
Overall Rating
Absolutely beautiful Job, What a talent you have and Billie is wonderful- I hope to play these for my brand new Cockatiel, I have only had him for three days now. So I'm anxious to see how he will react to music. Thank You for sharing your special songs and Billie with me. Oh! my little guy is named "Bingo"- because with him I hit a winner!
Overall Rating
I can see why this one went up the charts… exceptional musicality. Polished pro production and a veryenchanting performance. Really enjoyed sitting back and listening to this gem.
I got 2 cockatiels from a bird rescue. I am trying to learn what makes them happy and secure. My 2 boys, Bingo and Mikey, love your music. Bingo and I dance to it. We are adding their brother to the mix tomorrow. I hope we will all be dancing to your music. It is great!!! Thank You!!!
Wow. We've got 2 of those bird, Jimmy, and Tiaramonkeybird. One of my songs is called "Birds", and there's a pic of Tiara on my head.
Great music!
Hi your musics great for my bird, i got my bird about a year ago from a friend of mine that was moving and shes become my little baby, and her name is baby, untill it was about 2 weeks ago i was on a site and found out that baby was a boy and he/she was running around saying momma baby girl and such, she also lovessssssss the andy griffith theme song, you should try it with your birds, baby (now named buddy by my boyfriend) looks just like the birds in your pictures, she loves taking showers and complimenting herself in the mirror. i'll always refer to baby as a girl, though my boyfriend disagree's, its the whole "mannn" thing. i added the site to my favorites and i'll be checking back frequently, baby says thank you and much more and my boyfriendis just lovinggggggg it haha. take care Amanda
I there I stumbled across your page while looking for songs of cockatiels. My cockateil, sucky just loves your tunes and esp the solos. She is 4 and up till now she has had a repetoir of 2-3 single notes with inflections. This morning she put together 2 notes while listening to Gordon,maybe sje'll become a virtuoso too, never know. It's been a delight to watch her dance and sing at the right tempo.Simply amazing.
About fifteen minutes ago, I was playing with my female cockatiel (Pippen-we didn’t knew she was a female before we named her :] ) and took her out of her cage, but suddenly she took off flying. To avoid her flying too high (she’ll fly high so she's hard to reach) I accidentally hit her foot. When she landed she looked OK (I was a little surprised at how low she landed-she landed on the floor), but when I went to pick her, I placed my finger below her chest as I usually do for her to step up on. I noticed that one of her feet was raised and she was not putting weight on it as though she had sprained or broken it. I carefully picked her up and put her back inside the cage. She tried to keep her balance but unfortunately fell to the bottom of the cage with no injuries. I placed some food and water at the bottom of the cage so that she could reach them with no problem. My male cockatiel (Figaro) started picking at her and she started squawking, so I placed him far away from her. He came back, so she climbed up (by herself, with her lame foot) all the way to the open door of the cage. I’m not sure what exactly I’m supposed to do, if I should take her to a vet or just wait and see if it heals. Does anyone know?
Greetings from Greece smile :)))
Thanks for the songs. My 3 tiels just go crazy when they listen to them...
I have 25 exotic birds, and one of them is a wonderful cockatiel (Sonny Boy) who is "looking for love". He just went nuts for your tunes! He started his own little repertoire and enjoyed himself thinking there was a chick answering him. Thanks so much.
Michele and Sonny Boy
Bonjour! I just wanted to let you know that my fellow tiel Miss Prissy and I really enjoy your music. I added the link to my blog ( so that my faithful readers can enjoy the songs, too. Keep reording!

J. L. LeMone, cockatiel
Thank you for posting all these wonderful songs! My birds love it!

I was wondering what type of recording equipment you use. They sound so clear!
I have two young birds, Tarzan and Jane. I found you songs at the website "" and they love your music.
Lots of love from the Netherlands
Although my tiel loves the solos, I'm a little partial to the "come play with me 2004 remix." What a great page, keep recording!!!
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