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14 comments posted
beautiful voice! and good realisation,

i like your sound and univers....
Glow Rocks,, you rock, You've got some great music man!
Thanks for stopping by
Something different - Marty goes PUNK.
Check out RIP - just put up on my page.

Comments appreciated.
Matt -
Limegreen Sweaters ... excellent lyric - soulful delivery - nicely layered arrangment. Really enjoyed the listen.
great guitars & vocals !
Limegreen Sweaters and Parking Meters (1.12) has a smooth laid back sound ,keep it up :-) thnx for your time on the other page!
mlemmons nice sounds, ps5? cool!
mooncar thanks for feedback, i like that tune as well, maybe a redo for better production someday, i waas using the num,bers to indicate versions ive released in the endless "fixup" process which i may be getting away from as i spend more time on each one. or not .hehehhe
wow, i havent checked this in a while and low and behold people have listened and commented, thanks for the listens!
really enjoyed "rose tinted glasses". I like your style - your vocals come across kinda weak in the recording process though? It'd be nice to hear them a little stronger - louder......
summerrun (1.3) is my favorite after an extended visit. Very cool feel.

btw, are the numbers after each song versions?
Cool voice, pro guitar sound and production. I love the mourning/wistful/nostaligc feel that permeates in here a lot. To me, anyway. I love "In a car" (actually, I heard it on your funender site.) RESPECT. *Thanks for your support as well.*
Hello Mattl !!!
thank you to give the chance to MUSE(new alterno station) to be upgraded by your presence.
Hi Matt
Just thought I'd say "hi" .. your vocals are familiar to me somehow.. not sure who I can compare you to.. but I like where you're going with your music and if u don't play in front of people.. you should !
best wishes to you and thankyou for the plugs !
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