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Thanks for checkin' them out I appreciate it, sorry I haven't hit you up via email but that mixtape was solid, not my favorite styles of beats but the lyrics are getting better with each drop you do can't wait to hear your next project!
Im slowly coming back... I got a new Jam i decided to take out as an Intro but im still debating if i should make it a full song... its a long story but still come check it out when you got a chance G. But keep doing your thang and keep me updated...

Artizt 714!
West Coast!
yo big bro, new album just dropped - its free for a very limited time..hope u grab a copy while u can bro.. hit me back
Time is of the essence is COLLLLLD Bro..some iLL sh** ...sorry its been a minute man, been super productive as of late... really needa show ya my new music vid fam..shoot over to -- It is a song for my son,and he starz in tha clip too... much love bro..keep killin it
New track finally up bro. I'm on the rise smile :)
The Holy Grail_OriginalVersion_ - man u killin these u been man ? obviously steady grindin, i see that, i respect that. some new sh** goin on over on tha page bro..stay blessed n holla when u can.100
Yo, that "Thank God" joint is raw as f*** ! Voted 5 stars! If ya get a chance swing my page and peep my track "When You Get There" It features the 6th grade Class from Talahi Elementary and all proceeds go back to the school in an effort to keep kids interested in music and off the streets. Very meaningful and positive track. Keep grindin bro! Good work!
Like-wise bro, thanks for the feedback. Glad you enjoyed the track.

Yoyo...How you livin fam? Preciate ya keepin me updated with your works...I got "The Future (remix)" awhile ago, just been real busy try'na get my other business off the ground so my apologizes for the extremely late reply...I've played it multiple times just never left a comment...I mos def. digg the track tho...Preciate you givin my music a chance and laying down some heat on the instrumental...Much respect...Holla @ me...
Ay man, thanks for the feedback on the tracks. Glad you liked what you heard!

Regarding the vocals, you're the first person to say the vocals were too quiet on 'Move On'. I didn't really think they weren't loud enough but I'll definitely consider this in the future.

When I mix and master my tracks, I don't like the vocals to over-power the music. I find a lot of artists - especially artists on soundclick - "mix" their vocals too loud and it takes attention away from the instrumental. The vocals should BLEND, not be the main focus. Rappers tend to mix their vocals louder because they've wrote the lyrics, recorded the vocals and they subconsciously want all the attention on those. This is a mistake I used to make a lot in the past. Took me a while to realise I was doing it but nowadays, I try to mix the vocals so they sit well within the mix of the instrumental and then bring EVERYTHING out with the final master of the track.

But thanks again for stopping by and letting me know your viewpoint. Really appreciate the feedback. By the way, I'm gonna be uploading some new freestyle videos on my youtube and also doing a regular vlog, if you liked my humour on the tracks, you should like my humour on the videos!

Stay in touch, man. Be sure to let me know when you post new sh*t, I'll rate/comment.
Thanks man, that sucks about losing the files I'm pretty sure I've still got the freestyle/verse you did on gamble on my pc.
Apart from gamble the other new beats I put up where "when" and "that thing" but both have sold, I had 3 more ready to throw up but they've sold exclusively before they made the page...
I've got a couple of new joints in progress, still got a bunch of new samples to search through as well, but I'll send you a couple of snippets to check out.
Keep me updated on the new music!

I would kill that sh** bro! Send it ova
Sup homie came thru 2 check ur sht out again...still doin ur thang....keep datt sh** on lock! come thru & download my FREE music App. when u gets a chance. Respect
Yoyo! My bad for the hella late reply...Life finally made a turn for the better and things are coming together...

Preciate the feed as always muh G...Lmao...Yeah the main melody is noisey...But it gave off a game&soundtrack vibe so of course i had to put some'n together...One reason i say "League of Champions" is my personal favorite because this one helped me come back from my break from music and start creating more beats and expanding towards trying new sounds (as you see from some of the beats i posted before it)...

How's erething on yo end? Wez new in the line of music?
Yo Shamba,dont blame ya if u think ima distant kinda foo...its all good though fam..i jus get caught up in my own lil world doin these joints n sh** ..i see u do tha same..always u know..''headed fo tha light'' goin on tha next mixtape..and ''tha storm'' - i submitted that to Sinimaz hitstape..fingers crossed....wanted to let ya know bout tha new joint man..''another piece of me'' - hopefully u can find a few minutes to peep it bro...stay grindin..( dont think i need to tell u haha )..1 luv famo
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