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Dec. 2008

Hi Everyone,

Special "THANKS" to the Patty Patton-Bader the incredible folks at for selecting me as their Featured Artist, that means so much to me, to think they value my simple songs enough to share them with their viewers! I only pray folks will be blessed by hearing my heart.

More info coming soon regarding all the 2009 events & performances.

Thank you ALL so much, for your appreciation of these simple songs from my heart, as I've lived this "Unsung HEROES Life"... as a mom of a wounded soldier since David enlisted in the Army several years ago ... and, have been so deeply moved & touched by having had the privilege of meeting so many wonderful military families, soldiers, veterans & HEROES!

Over the past several years, I've been SO blessed, by SO many wonderful folks. The comments, cards, letters, gifts and new friendships have just been overwhelming!

As Larry & I have performed all across America, it has only deepened our love for each other, our country, our service members & ALL those who serve & protect this nation and our freedoms.

HAPPENINGS - The upcoming release of the movie, " A Wall As Witness " soundtrack, Germany/Landstuhl trip, Minnesota Veterans Affairs Celebration, two CDs/Albums, documentary score, Georgia Freedom fund, compilation CD ... as well as, the requested book ..." My Gift of Song ".

The addition of the OFFICIAL webpage of " The Tribute Lady "

Also, launching my OFFICIAL Blog at powered by

The future ..."whatever" God asks!

As always, my prayer ... as I share my songs with you, is, that something you hear be a blessing to you & your's, and lead to Christ!

" I sing for an ... Audience of ONE ! "

" I'm in the Army of THE ONE ! "

" In HIS service "

" Only For Him ! "

" Suswan "

Past Appearances, Performances & Events attended have included the following, More info coming soon regarding 2007 & 2008's performances & 2009 events & performances will be added just as soon as I'm able.

Jan. 3, 2007 - Corpus Christi, Texas - Attending the services for our son's good friend, Cpl. John Paul Barta, paying our respects to the family, in support of all our fellow 1-12 CAV company families.
(Larry sounded Echo Taps alongside Army Honor Guard at the funeral of Cpl. John Paul Barta, from our son's 1st Cav., 1-12, 3 BCT company )

Dec. 7, 2006 - Macon, Ga. - " PHSA - Pearl Harbor Survivor's " - Ga. Chapter " State Remembrance Day Dinner " - Returning by request, Performing " God Bless America " - My spoken prayer version to remaining survivors ... and, Larry sounding Taps ... following the moment of silence in remembrance of the exact moment the attack on Pearl began in 1941.

Nov. 11, 2006 - Atlanta, Ga. - " Vietnam DUSTOFF Medivac Helicopter " Veteran's Day - Members Reunion . Performing a 2 hour concert of my Tribute Songs, for the same group my cousin flew with in Vietnam. My cousin Guy Lamar Mears, Jr. - KIA - Vietnam - Oct. 17, 1970 ... was a DUSTOFF Crew Chief)

Oct. 13, 2006 - San Diego, CA. - " Salute to the Military " Opening Concert Performance.

Oct. 13-15, 2006 - San Diego, CA. - " Military Writer's Society of America" Conference - Performing during opening concert ... and, in attendance for 3 day event.

Sept. 8, 2006 - New York, NY - " 9/11 America's Victim's Memorial Quilt" Marriott Financial Hotel - ( Ground Zero ) Performing 4 hours of background music during Public Viewing of ... ( Open to Public )

Sept. 9, 2006 - New York, NY - " 9/11 America's Victim's Memorial Quilt"

( Closed to Public - Open only to victim's, families, & dignitaries ) Performing - " God Will Prevail - The Victim's Anthem " & " You Rescued Me" by request of the victims, families & 9/11 America's Victim's Memorial Quilt's" President, Jeannie Ammermann for the Official Dedication Ceremony - Marriott Financial Center - Ground Zero - during the Induction of quilt into the permanent World Trade Center Museum.

Aug. 19, 2006 - Boise, Idaho - " Brandon T. Titus Memorial Ride " - Paying our respects to this HERO as we visited his graveside, Larry echoed Taps. We also attended the memorial motorcycle ride honoring & remembering Spc. Brandon T. Titus, KIA - IRAQ - Aug. 17, 2004. Brandon's life & service to our nation, ultimate sacrifice, along with the comments from family & friends ... was the inspiration leading to the moving tribute song titled,
" Brandon's Coming Home ".

Aug. 4, 2006 - New York, NY - New York Mets Game - Shea Stadium
Larry Performing "The Star Spangled Banner"

April-July 2006 - LIVE - Online Radio show - " The Tribute Lady - LIVE "

Dec. 7, 2005 - Macon, Ga. - " PHSA - Pearl Harbor Survivor's " - Ga. Chapter " State Remembrance Day Dinner " - Performing for the first time, by request for the remaining Pearl Harbor survivors ... performing " Remembering Pearl " my moving tribute that written after my first visit to The Arizona Memorial in Oahu, Hawaii. Larry also sounded Taps in remembrance of all who perished that fateful day.

Nov. 11, 2005 - Columbus, Ga. - " Military Writer's Society of America " Attended Booksigning ... Meeting several authors, Jeff Edwards, Deborah Tanish, & Jon Hovde, among others.

June 2005 - Robinson, Texas - " Soldier Party " (Fort Hood soldiers ) Performing " It Is The Soldier " for a private party, hosted by Texas rancher ... organized by Texas Military Family Foundation, in support of our troops. Also performing, Ted Nugent, along with many other groups & bands...and, in attendance that day & speaking ... Gov. Rick Perry & Sgt. Jeremy Feldbush who was blinded & seriously injured in Iraq.

June 1, 2005 - Green Bay, Wisconsin - " 9/11 Pen-T Memorial Dedication " Performing - " God Will Prevail - The Victim's Anthem " for the dedication ceremony of the beautiful 9/11 Memorial, replica of the twin towers, engraved on a pentagon shaped base with all the names of the 9/11 victims. Set alongside the river, in front of the Neville Museum.

June 1, 2005 - Green Bay, Wisconsin - "Spirit of America " Concert - set at the ACCLAIMED - " Meyer Theatre " - Performing several of my Tribute songs, including ... " God Will Prevail - The Victim's Anthem, You Rescued Me, Remembering Pearl, 6 West-Line 5, Memories Don't End, Set Me Free, & It Is The Soldier ". Several other groups & entertainers performed for the 9/11 victims families& general public in attendance, in this uplifting concert of love & support for them & our nation.

May 13-15, 2005 - Upper Sandusky, Ohio - " The Traveling Vietnam Wall "
Performing two concerts for this 3 day event ... performing my military tributes, " It Is The Soldier " & " 6 West-Line 5" among others, for Vietnam Veterans & general public in attendance ... in remebrance of my cousin, Guy Lamar Mears, Jr. - KIA - Vietnam - Oct. 17, 1970.

March 31, 2005 - Phoenix, Arizona - " The Traveling Vietnam Wall "
Visiting the "wall" for the first time, finding my cousin's name ( Guy Lamar Mears, Jr. - KIA - Vietnam - Oct. 17, 1970 ) Meeting the President of " The Traveling Vietnam Wall " after he requested us to perform for some of their venues.

Sept. 11, 2004 - San Diego, CA. - " World Memorial/ROS Concert " Attending 3rd Anniversary 9/11 remembrance concert. " God Will Prevail " Video to be shown opening the event.

Sept. 10, 2004 - San Diego, CA. - " NY Retired Firefighters Dinner " - Performing " God Will Prevail - The Victim's Anthem " publicy, for the first time, by request of Mitch Mendler, current President of World Memorial.

Sept. 4, 2004 - Pasadena, CA. - " World Memorial/ROS Concert " -
Attending as " God Will Prevail - The Victim's Anthem " Video opened concert event.

Merry Christmas Susan, My Love.
I have not only been married to you for so long, but have been blessed to work with you on your projects, and hear you develop your music over the years. There are really no words to describe how priceless your music is, and one day, if Jesus tarries, your heart and love in song will go down in history as an un-found treasure that many have missed, because they are either too busy, or they refuse to let this wonderful music touch their hearts. The real truth is that you have touched the lives of countless people who on this side of Heaven, you may never realize that. My Love for you is endless, and unbounding!!! May God keep you and bless you always. Your Larry
Just wonderful, Susan. What a treasure your music is, and your page with these musical tributes to America's finest! My prayers for our soldiers and their families and my deepest regards to those who were lost and to their families. I am so sorry for such great losses. Thank you for your work, Susan. And my thanks to all of our soldiers who have served our country faithfully to defend it even when they didn't understand why they were fighting in seemingly senseless wars. My thanks to their families for the sacrifice for loving and supporting them. And to their children for being brave soldiers at home while waiting for their moms and dads to come home. Love and prayers, Cathy
Dear Susan: Just listened to your Christian song MY LOVE. Simply beautiful! I voted it hot and hope it gets on the charts. Hope you come to Washington to sing your inspired songs with a beyond-gorgeous voice that does such great honor to those who fight to keep us free. Blessings to you, Tribute Lady! Alexandra
i just want you to know that your songs are amazing they touched me so much espically the 9/11 bcuz my uncle died in the building .. so keep up the good work you have a great voice
god blessed you with an amazing voice.
Contibue to touch people and to encourage them.

Please check out my first song on the net!

Greetz from Germany and God Bless you
What a voice of an'angel you have. I can feel your soul singing through your heart. It's so beautiful! Sending you many wishes and blessings in this new coming year! Merry Christmas 2005 & Happy New Year. Wishing you and your family a safe and wonderful year.
Get a chance, listen to my gospel songs! It would be an honor to have your key'prints on my board! God'bless Always.
From: Anonymous
Date: 07-08-2005 23:53:15
Subject: The music and song have touched us greatly.

The music and song, have touched us greatly.

Thank you, for your part, of keeping the memory alive.

May we never forget

2005-07-02 03:16:58, (IP address logged)

(Transferred from guestbook)
From: John P. Allen - Veteran's Today
Date: 07-08-2005 23:47:58

Subject: Report that person to the local police and the FBI...immediately!

Clearly your music speaks for itself…..and that’s that!

What con? How can art be a con? How silly…….

Absolutely……..please put ALL my comments in your quest-book.

We are an open book, and, we always stand by our people, our service to our country, and doing right.

We have NO FEAR, and ,will stand all the way, with what is good and right!

It’s a pleasure………so go for it.

And yes, report that person to the local police, and, the FBI.

In America, to disagree is absolutely encouraged, and, applauded... but, to "harass" is criminal.

If they don’t like your music, they ought to
"change the channel"... not, harass you for it, that’s garbage!

I know, as a artist, it hurts…….normal criticism hurts, because the art is you, and, it’s hard when one, is so in touch, to take callous thoughtless criticism.

Worse, it hurts worse when it passes critic... into something like you describe…….

So I empathize in a big way……. As a businessman, we tend to be more thick skinned, so take a few words from an experienced person, who has been called every name in the book.

Stay focused, do the job, do good, and have faith…….the proof is always in you, and, you know who…….and that’s it.

Leadership is about staying the course in the face of being called names and worse…

Aware people... can see that, and, those lost ones... will never see it, until they open their mind, their eyes, and embrace good.

Of course, that does NOT mean that you don’t defend yourself when necessary – because you do, and, must - but it does mean that you must stay the course and do good because in the end, that’s the ONLY THING WE HAVE!

Believe me…….it’s all we have, and, I think you know what I mean……….

So, Kee
From: Anthony W. Pahl - Webmaster
Date: 07-08-2005 19:47:2

Subject: "I am shared your writings with IWVPA website."

Dearest Susan,

This is absolutely terrible, and, I am shocked beyond comprehension!

I haven’t heard anything at all about the things you mention, and, wouldn’t take any notice if I had.

It seems that somebody with some axe to grind, for reasons only known to them,is targeting you.

You can be assured, that any request that I receive to remove your lyrics etc. (for any reason - except directly from you of course) from my website... will be ignored,

But, in the hope of being of assistance to you, I shall forward a copy of any such correspondence, that comes my way, to you, so you may be able to ascertain who sent it, and, take any action you deem necessary.

You may quote me... in your guest-book.

I am honoured, that you have shared your God given talent with me, and through me, the readers of the IWVPA website.

You have never asked anything from me, except the courtesy, of reading your works, to decide, if, I considered them worthy of including on my website.

I look forward to when this terrible persecution against you is put to rest so you can write and send more your wonderful and important veteran related writings for inclusion on the index I created for you on the IWVPA website at

My sincere regards, and, thanks to you; my prayers continue.

Please know that you are never far from my thoughts, and, are always in my prayers.

To have your wonderful writings included on my website is a great privilege and honour.

And you may quote me on that!

The Lord be with you Susan, and with Larry,

Please pass on my sincere regards to Larry, and remember that you, and, he are in my prayers always.

With love and friendship,

Tony Anthony W. Pahl - Webmaster

International War Veteran's Poetry Archives

From: Gary
Date: 07-08-2005 19:38:56

Subject: I will never back down from what is the right thing to do.


No one has contacted me about you, and, if they did, I would tell them, what is on my website is my business.

Your music was given free of charge to me, and,
I have no idea, why in the world, anyone would do this to you.

There is always someone who is dragging others down.

I don't pay attention to accusations without proof and the proof has to be verifiable, not he said she said.

Your music will remain on my page and yes I am still willing to do your pages.

God Bless Gary

You sure can use it ...I said it, I meant can quote what I say, I will never back down from what is the right thing to do.


2005-06-15 09:50:22, Gary, (IP address logged)
From: A. Webb
Date: 07-08-2005 19:32:31
Subject: God bless your ministry.

Hey Susan,

May God bless your ministry.

Remember, this world is not our home.

We're just passing through.

Keep focussed on the Way.

Arlon Webb

2005-06-14 21:22:56, A. Webb,
(IP address logged)

(Transferred from guestbook)
From: Patsy Perkins
Date: 07-08-2005 19:29:12
Subject: Loved what you said about a soldier

I really loved what you said about a soldier

Patsy Perkins

2005-05-26 15:39:57 Patsy Perkins, (IP address logged)

(Transferred from guestbook)
From: Larry S. Wiseman
Date: 07-08-2005 19:25:33
Subject: I am SO proud of you!

Hi Susan...

I did not tell you that I was making a comment on your site because then it would not be a surprise.

I just want to say that I believe in what your are doing; I am SO proud of you, and as long as I breathe, I will be there for you.

I am honored to be your trumpet player.

I DO thnk everyone should know... that all... of that wonderful music that they are hearing, is written, recorded, and performed by you!

I will tell them every chance I get.

Love, Larry, Larry, Larry

2005-05-22 21:57:51, Larry Wiseman, (IP address logged)

(Transferred from guestbook)
From: Jim Crawford
Date: 07-08-2005 19:17:14









2005-05-14 19:23:08, JIM CRAWFORD, (IP address logged)

(Transferred from guestbook)
From: Susan D. Wiseman
Date: 07-08-2005 18:59:54
Subject: Update...Phone Call ..."FALSE ACCUSATIONS" on June 6, 2005


" And they overcame him, (Satan) by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death." - Rev. 12:11

" Con-Artist??? "

Susan D. Wiseman is being FALSELY accused !

On June 6, 2005, for the first time in ministering to others...I have been attacked, personally...
with NO EXPLANATION, NO FACTS...just FALSE accusations.

I was recently invitited to attend & perform for an event out of state. Afterwards, upon arriving home, the very person who extended the invitation...called me, I thought to see if I made it home safely.

This person told me to be quiet, listen & not to talk.

They proceeded to tell me "they" had been "all" over the internet & read & knew everything...and, then they "warned me" keep the "H___" away from them, their spouse, our host, other guests & ALL those "they" are associated with...then said, "they" had better NOT ever see me at anything "they" were involved with again.

They "warned" me...saying they would be
"watching me"...and, told me I was a "con-artist".

I then, said..."EXCUSE ME"...."I don't understand what you are talking about!"

They screamed at me again, and, again, told me to listen, not talk and, asked, "Did I hear them?"

I said, "Yes"...they continued & then, told me "they"...had "turned me over to the Secret Service"... and, once again...they said, "I WILL be watching you!"

Once again, they called me a "con-artist"...."warned me" & then, told me that I "could not sing worth a crap" ....all before hanging up on me.

I know the truth....I AM NOT A CON-ARTIST!


I have NOTHING to hide life is an open book.

I have done nothing, but, offer my music & my services to people for years.

If a
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