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What up.
I listened to your music Royalty. I'll rob you is a dope joint fam.
funny sh*** family check me out keep doin you
ayyyyyy ya boy is bakk!!! CRANK DAT YAMAHA MA NEW SINGLE!! chekk it out sh***s gon b #1 on soundclick in a week i guaranteee!
Hi, I`m a Rapper & make a mixtape. I like your Style, your Beatz are very TIGHT! Please contact me at (
I pay also for Beatz, Peace!
i like dat jay-z diss and da honda track is pretty tyte,check out my screwed & chopped tracks if u in2 screwed music


You want that $250?

I need to hear you make a track to one of my new beats.

Mike C.
Hey Royalty didnt u have a myspace lol, wut happen to it??????????
Wuz Good > > > > >iLLZ Productionz in da place > > > > > > > > got a brand new beat and comin ya way iz some hott fire > > > check my beat Kick Flip and leave a comment
was good im from dat 520 to homie get at me

check that site out n register.. heard your sh*** carry yourself well...

copy n paste
DZK IS A PUSSY, hes always on CAN dick, I think his real problem is dat he cant get no chicks dats y hes on canada's dick. Its just something that hes used to.. gettin f***ed in dat ass. Hes scared of me and my crew, and guess what dis pussy did. THE PUSSY BAN ME, WTF…. 25 yr old bi*** singing bout 15yr old highschool girlz.. hes a rapist CHECK OUT DZK DISS
JKB SixFiggaz CEO

when he apologizes ill leave him alone like he askd me to in his e-mail lol
Yo i voted hot on ya sh*** show da same love check out Always Thynken Money cause we bout to get real popular
ayo this yo boy BC stoppin by, check out "jix dissection" it was an hour of my time, olny produced cause it was asked for, AND... SOUNDCLICK GETTING IS GAY, ill be happy if jix comes back with 5% of the little energy i brought here. PC!
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