*Chinx* Habits w/Hook by Fudge
Instrumentals with Hooks
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What up.
I listened to your music Royalty. I'll rob you is a dope joint fam.
funny sh*** family check me out keep doin you
ayyyyyy ya boy is bakk!!! CRANK DAT YAMAHA MA NEW SINGLE!! chekk it out sh***s gon b #1 on soundclick in a week i guaranteee!
Hi, I`m a Rapper & make a mixtape. I like your Style, your Beatz are very TIGHT! Please contact me at (
I pay also for Beatz, Peace!
i like dat jay-z diss and da honda track is pretty tyte,check out my screwed & chopped tracks if u in2 screwed music


You want that $250?

I need to hear you make a track to one of my new beats.

Mike C.
Hey Royalty didnt u have a myspace lol, wut happen to it??????????
Wuz Good > > > > >iLLZ Productionz in da place > > > > > > > > got a brand new beat and comin ya way iz some hott fire > > > check my beat Kick Flip and leave a comment
was good im from dat 520 to homie get at me

check that site out n register.. heard your sh*** carry yourself well...

copy n paste
DZK IS A PUSSY, hes always on CAN dick, I think his real problem is dat he cant get no chicks dats y hes on canada's dick. Its just something that hes used to.. gettin f***ed in dat ass. Hes scared of me and my crew, and guess what dis pussy did. THE PUSSY BAN ME, WTF…. 25 yr old bi*** singing bout 15yr old highschool girlz.. hes a rapist CHECK OUT DZK DISS
JKB SixFiggaz CEO

when he apologizes ill leave him alone like he askd me to in his e-mail lol
Yo i voted hot on ya sh*** show da same love check out Always Thynken Money cause we bout to get real popular
ay nice sh*** man , i like that j z diss, keep doin ya thing check my sh*** out i got a new 1 , i votted hot to mayb u can do the same , ight peace holla back
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