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play hi-fi  commenting Absinthe
Overall Rating
Great music, vocals and lyrics.

Hello, I am Countess Lekzee
play hi-fi  commenting Misled
Overall Rating
Very very interesting and intriguing sounds, something that penetrates under the skin, intoxicates and captures you! Absinthe is a great song!
It's been over two years since I last commented on this page. A lot of the things I listened to then (I was 16, now I'm 19) I don't listen to anymore.

But your music is still on the top of my favorites list.

There is already a page under your name in, this site scrobbles songs people listen to. Here's the link you should check it out if you haven't already. You'll see me in the top listeners box smile :)

Just wanted to drop by because I had my song library on shuffle and one of your songs came up and I decided to listen to them all again because I love them so much. Thanks for making such exquisite music- I hope the best for you in the future!

~ghislainevonwald (aka Giulianna)
play hi-fi  commenting Waves
Overall Rating
Great intro.Then takes a while to lift before you are hooked.Nice vocal mix with sweet sounding grungy guitar.Overall great production and song writing.Luv the Wawa!
play hi-fi  commenting Train Away
Overall Rating
What a great song.
To me this is what you do best.
Megga guitar play.
Great rusty vocals and good basic drumming.
I just reviewed your band on my blog. Fantastic music. John
Hey, just droppin in to tell you- your music's awesome! It's hard to describe, but it's real beautiful, truly, when I listen to your songs I think of the cityscape... I don't know why...
But anyways, good job!
Good stylings...Good music...
Black candles and flaming torches illuminate the scene . . . Thirteen hooded cultists praise the Lord Satan. An altar of living flesh -- in the form of a woman lying down -- representeth the carnal desire of Earth. "Satan, ruler of Earth . . . Chief of the Serfs!" She holdeth lit tapers of black wax in each of her outstretched hands -- a living crucifix. Prayers are said backwards. A three cornered host, dyed black, is used.
Hey the music sounds pretty good, it's different than the deathmetal the rest of Sweden is producing prog-wise. Thanks for writing the songs and keep it up. The ION sounds kicking (awesome) in there, too.
like it. keep it up.Good Luck!
Mvh Ola.
Thanks for the compliments. Like your stuff.
Just posted the first rough mix of some new Red Shift ish. only going to leave it up for a week or two, just to give y'all a sneaky peak at some of our (dope) new stuff.
any criticism would be gratefully recieved!

Yeah guts, some really cool stuff here, really like your sound, come check out my track pigeon man for something a LITTLE different
I just purchased an Alesis ION, and while I was looking for Reviews of this synth, I came across your site - which in turn pointed me to Soundclick. I really love your music man. This is some really cool sh*** you have going on here. This stuff is awsome. Email when you have some more tunes.

Good Luck!
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