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Hi,I really like your Music.When I was on a site called heard your Music,Then Mp3 faded away.I got on Soundclick and saw that you were here also. now I don't want to sound like a hater,But I believe you need to use Soundclick to your advantage.Here we are like a Family,We listen to each others music,comment,and Network.You guys won't even answer my messages,and I noticed you only got one message this year.The last time you got a message was In 2007 which I wrote.If your not going to use soundclick to help each other get well known then whats the purpose. As I said,I really like your lets start over and do It have fans but that would grow If you only would stay In touch. You will see the diffrence. Take Care and hope to hear from you,If not,Have a Great 2011...Take Care...Tom King
Man, talk about a trip down memory lane! I was blown away when I came across "Paris By Air" once again.
I sure miss the 80's/90's and the GREAT music that came from that time (namely PBA).
Love all your song!!! Thanks for making me remember.
Hi,I found you guys,We both were on mp3.I was glad to see were on the same Music Site.Nice to see your still making that Hot Music.I also found "Heard About The Weather" Thats one of my favorites.Let me know If you remember me from Mp3.Nice listening to your songs again. Keep In Touch...Best Regards...Tom King

Well, I'm back and I don't believe u all ever wrote back to me but as nice as I am I added a song of yours to my station.

Excellent synth pop, I enjoyed it. Your music is hit music for me.

Check me out at IMMORDINO.......THANX
hehe good work =) great voice actually =)
Hello, paris-by-air guys. I jus't post this one to gongratulate you 'cause of your music. It's a great pop achievement, in my opinion is higher than a lot of products I have to listen on the charts. I really hope to see you on the radio charts and videos, and over more: I wanna listen more songs by you !!
Hi, just wanted to say you guys have great songs. I grew up in the 80's in NY when the freestyle era was was huge and you're music takes me back. "Voices in your head" is song I've had on a favorites list for a long time but "Changes" is awesome. I wish we still heard more music like this nowadays!!
"Voices in your head", is farming some fertile ground. Top notch. Gorgeous melodies, great lyrics. I dig it. You should rate me too. Check out my new track,"So what domestic".
heyy what's up guys just wanted to stop by and say you have a Great voice. You have tremendous talent keep up the good work hope you stop by and check me out
much love and respect

Hi, Paris By Air. I'm Jodee Buckley - a new fan. Steve Granger told me to check out your material. I love it!!! Too many bands are afriad to write in this style. Your self description about DePeche Mode with hot female vocals is right on the money. I'd dig it if you'd listen to some of my tunes and tell me what you think. I love the 80's/90's new wave sound too.

Peace and much success 2U. I'm in Pompano Beach!

Rock on,
voices in your head rules..makes me glad to live in miami! i play song in my car so much,that i knew the lyrics witthin 20 minutes lol
Wow, so nice to find Paris By Air is alive and well. I love the Martinee' sound and was shocked to find 30+ songs performed by Paris By Air. I had only heard the three singles (Come On, Voices & All Around). Excellently done, though Mr. Martinee hasn't changed his sound in 15 years (Thank god). I hope you can get some more songs as I've already played these to death. Good luck!
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