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Hi! Cynthia from Blood Ruby here, inviting you, the listener, to help us produce our music!

How can you help? Simple! If you listen to our stuff, leave some feedback. Rank each song in the order of the strongest to the weakest; that would help us enormously in choosing songs for our demo EP. Also, we're still in the process of recording finalized versions of some of these songs, so feel free to participate in our creative process by making specific suggestions as to how to improve them. Fawning praise is okay too. ;-)
Hey Blood Ruby! Good to see you're still around! Let us know when you're playing in the NY area - we should set up some shows together!
Back for more spins,hope you guys are good&Cynthias fully recovered now.
The edge of the map,becoming yet another firm favourite.(ranked above Shan shui even!) Many thanks for sharing your excellent music. Superb listening. llp.Maria
Hi guys, as said before,justlove all your music, tho after listening since last post, have to say I have an order of play when I rave about you to my friends :0) -'Midsummer Fire',(usually the first one we tend to choose!)followed by, 'Babel Babel' & 'Sleepwalk'. I just love 'Remains of the day', 'Shan shui' and 'Underwater place', so its difficult to choose between them. 'The night tide' is becoming a firm fav too-beautifully brilliant that one. The lyrics you guys write and the way you express musically,just fills me like in 'Some winters', 'The night tide'&'Bone Garden'. All your music has something special for me that fills my soul.
LLP Maria
Hi Cynthia...
Maria and Gary sent me over to listen to you,so glad they did.
Loved REMAINS OF THE DAY and BABEL BABEL,both added to my station.
But everything I have listened to so far is excellent.
I have an online journal at ANUBIS SPIRE's site,and as part of that I am doing a spotlight on Soundclcim artists that I think Anubis Spire fans would like to hear.
I would like with your permission to do a spotlight on BLOOD RUBY.
Here is the link to my journal,so yuo can see what is I do,just look for the article on SOUNDCLICK ARTISTS:
Here is the link to Anubis Spire's homepage also:
You can contact me via my message board or via my e-mail on my page.
Look forward to hearing from you.
Keep up the excellent work.
Hi Cynthia,
Just heard your song 'Remains of the day' on songplanet radio and had to find you and listen to more.. What we heard was absolutely Brilliant, floaty, dreamy Beautiful ( you could safely say we loved your sound!) 'Remains of the day' we really like, but as I type I am listening to more.. its really difficult to put them in a preference, they are all so beautiful, different, lovely ...amazing talent! Can't praise you guys enough.
So, listening to them in the order you have them in... its like listening to random play on your favourite records.
All so unique all so good! Honest opinion....Improvement?...none needed :-)
Success to you guys.


yea, i really like the sound of your band. i can feel the influences you guys have drawn upon and can really appreciate it. unfortunately i have a slow connection and can't access as much as i'd like but for now i really dig what i've heard, word.
i listened to babel babel and umm, sleepwalk. damn fine stuff. babel babel was better, i think, but both were very good, great sounds and nice production.
Alright I listened to alot more of your songs. They are all good, especially I liked "Babel Babel" and "Underwater Place". I think the best kind of song you can make is one with a strong drum beat, hypnotic chords and arpeggios, lush ambience, and a big guitar solo in there as well. I like songs that sound epic...and I think you will sell more records too.
I listened to "Remains of the Day" and "Some Winters". I like the blend of drums and guitars with ambience...and the vocals are very good as well. It seems like you have all the ingredients for success...good luck
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