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play hi-fi  commenting Transcend
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Great Piece! Great instrumental ballance!This is one of my favorites on soundclick!
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I like the combination of chaos and beauty. Interesting.
play hi-fi  commenting Someday
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I Like this. It has a wide expansive feel like crossing an entire country. You jump on board and it sweeps you along.
Thanks Lana
play hi-fi  commenting Horizon of Regret
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A I said to Evan -A great piece Lana and great guitar playing, very sympathetic to the feel of the piece Evan. Thanks to you both.
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As I have said on Evan's page -Another great sounding track. Smooth and slightly edgy at the same time. love it.
You have some great sounds going on here at the Click. I see that you are from Minnesota and so am I.. You have a nice nice music selection with some equally fantastic arrangements. Keep up the great music...
If You were only as good looking as I am You would rule the World :P:P:P
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Trial by Fire.....wicked! Listened to most of your tracks but TBF stands out for me. Very pro sounds altogether.
yo wazzzz up man
u earn hot votes
i'm here to let ya know as i got 2 tracks to download for free
vote and comment i'm watin for
great sound - keep up the good work :-)
Evan was here listening to your excellent page. He also says "Hi".
Excellent music and your talent of various genre as well.

I've added your music to three of my stations.

Keep up the incredible music!
Hey man, good music. Checked you out from the acoustic rock charts.

If you have the time, please check out my stuff. thanks smile :)

Ms Albert, you truly are amazing! I just heard Through The Eyes Of Never and...I'm just speechless!
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