Not a Word (x Freeze) || Drake
New School
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Jim Burkard
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play hi-fi  AnalogMan Beano Boost
play hi-fi  Analogman Beano Boost 2
play hi-fi  Germino Club 40 and a 'Y' Cable
play hi-fi  Germino Club 40 Tube Rectified
play hi-fi  Fender Strat with Italian Cry Baby
play hi-fi  Strat and Crest Audio Reissue Fuzz Face
play hi-fi  2 Trax with R8 LP and Germino Club 40
play hi-fi  Germino Club 40 R8 Loud
play hi-fi  Germino Club 40 R8 Loud II
play hi-fi  Germino Club 40 R8 Loud III
CTC Splash Reverb
Germino Club 40 w/sm57 & AKG C214
Tungsten Mosaic Mk II/Crema Wheat
Tungsten Crema Wheat/Buckwheat
R8 w/Mosaic Mk II
Long Beach, CA Oct. 2010
Mosaic MK II
R4/Tungsten Mosaic MKII
Jim 03/2011
Jim Burkard 3/11/11
Tungsten Buckwheat Amp
'06 CS LP Custom & BMF Ge Spot MK.I
Nice Combo
BMF Ge Spot F1/Germino Club 40
Germino Club 40
Apache 50
Tele/Tungsten Mosaic Mk II
Strat and Germino Club 40
Germino Club 40-Scumback cab and Strat
Germino Club 40 & R8 w/Scumback 2x12 cab
Germino Club 40 w/Scumback 2x12 cab
Foxhole Radio 8/13/10
AnalogMan Standard Sun Face
Ventura County Fair 08/13/10
OC Fair 7/30/2010
Tungsten Mosaic II on 10
Tungsten Mosaic II
Venice, CA 1/15/10
New Friends
4/3/10 LA
4/3/10 LA
4/3/10 LA
Venice, CA 1/15/10
Jim and the Nocaster
BMF Effects Great Wide Open
55/60 Fender Strat w/Tom Shorts Swinging Singles
'02 R8
Tungsten Crema Wheat
BMF Holy Balls!
Purple Nurple Guitars
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