Michael Brueckner
One Small Piece
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Video to my track 'One Small Piece' from my 2006 album 'One Step Behind'
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Hi and welcome to all of You!

I'm a spare time electronic music producer...musician...or sound artist (call it what You like) since somewhere around 1993.

During the past 16 years I have produced more than 90 albums (none of them released at a label yet; if You're interested, You can order them directly from me as CD-Rs in jewel cases, with nice artwork and a kind message from me...).

Since 2007, I distribute my stuff via internet, my main field of action so far being myspace...
Why this name?
It's just my name (almost; unfortunately SoundClick does not allow uemlauts...).
Do you play live?
I'd love to, but since I have a full time job and a small family, there's always this lack of time...and money, actually. So, very, very rarely...
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It enanbles me to present my stuff to a world wide audience. How shall I put it? Maybe: A small step for mankind, a BIG step for me... ;-)
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Depends on the label and it's conditions...
Band History:
I've always been a big listener, and were interested in synthesis, recording and sound processing, but never had the idea of being a musician myself (and I never received any formal musical education, apart from school), until one day - at the end of a relationship - I found myself with a broken heart and actually a little money, so following an impulse I spent that money for some equipment, and just started to do my thing...
Actually, there were more influences adding to that decision...to much to tell...
I started to record on 4-track-tape, than shortly switched to an Atari, and after that to a Mac with Harddisc-Recording. Continued to learn, develop and (hopefully) grow...
Since 2007, I'm promoting my stuff in the vast spaces of the virtual universe - which did lead to some airplay, reviews, contacts, live invitations, collaborations...it's still in progress.
Your influences?
My musical taste and interest is vaaaast and wide - much to much influences to list them all.
But to give You a slight idea, here are some of the many:
- classic electronic music from the 70ies, like Klaus Schulze, Brian Eno, Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre, Michael Hoenig, Vangelis - and all the other usual suspicious...
- classic (or "progressive" or "melodic", also "hard") rock from the 70ies, like Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield, King _Crimson, Jethro Tull, Yes, Camel, and so on...
- kraut rock, like Eloy, Can, Grobschnitt, Schicke-Fuehrs-Froehling, Birth Control...
- minimal and avantgarde composers like Peter Michael Hamel, Terry Riley, Phillip Glass, Eberhard Schoener...
- the "ECM-type" of jazz musicians, like Keith Jarret, Jan Garbarek, Eberhard Weber or Nils-Petter Moelver
- medieval, baroque, classical and romantic music like Hildegard von Bingen, Bach, Mozart, Debussy, Stravinski...
- ethnic and new age music like Andreas Vollenweider, Deuter, Rüdiger Oppermann...
- (more or less) contemporary electronic music, like Robert Rich, Future Sound of London, Aphex Twin, Mous on Mars...
- hundreds of musicians I discovered via the internet
- my wife (a VERY gifted musician!)

Any more? The list could go on. And on. And... ;-)

Life in general, I guess...
Favorite spot?
The G-spot maybe?! (Ah - just kidding...)
I love nature. I love river landscapes. And middle-sized European university cities (like Heidelberg or Wiesbaden...).
Not that important to me...
Equipment used:
Only old crap on the edge of collapsing...
A dated Power Mac G4 with an old version of Cubase and some dozen of VST-PlugIns (some commercial, most freeware...). The star among them is the "Absynth", I guess.
Other sound software...the "Metasynth" is my "secret weapon" for special effects and drones.
For beats I often use an old version of "Reason".
I also own "Reaktor", but it doesn't really run on my old Mac, so I use it less often than I would.
Live I use an old Yamaha Entertainer Keyboard (PSR 2700), a small Korg sound module from the early 90ies, and just recently I've bought a new master keyboard and a great synth, the "Blofeld" by Waldorf...
And some old, cheap microphones...and other cheap, old stuff ;-)
Anything else...?
Peace to all of You!

Take care...

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