SPIDERintheHALL is a one man indie/electronica project based out of Canton, Ohio. Singer/songwriter Craig Huston has been producing and recording music under the SPIDERintheHALL moniker for a little over twelve years, using various bits of recording hardware attatched to his home pc. The music ranges in style from harsh, industrial work to indietronic drum and bass, and even dark ambiance.
Your influences?
I listen to all sorts of music; industrial, indie, alternative, some Johnny Cash here and there. I tend to draw my main influences from groups like Nine Inch Nails, David Bowie, KMFDM and a host of 90's alternative bands.
The End of an Era, Remastered
cover art, The End of an Era
cover art, Between Space and Oblivion
cover art, Mood Ring
cover art, In Your Shadow, single
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