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NEWS   Metalworks was featured live on the Maximum Threshold Internet Radio Show on Saturday, October 17, 2009, from 8-11 EST. For a replay of the interview with guitarist Clay Hayes and bass/keyboardist Brett Hart, go to http://affiliate.kickapps.com/_Metalworks-Interview-MT/audio/577595/31036.html.
Safe House
New School
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We were formed in January 1980 in the basement of the drummer's house in DeKalb County, Georgia. We debuted on December 6, 1980 at the Christmas dance at Shamrock High School. In the summer of 1981, we recorded two songs (In the Name of Rock and Roll and Queen for a Day) at Monarch Studios in Alpharetta, Georgia and submitted them for consideration by a local radio station (96rock) for inclusion in its Home Cookin' II LP. Out of over 1100 submissions, In the Name of Rock and Roll was one of the 12 songs selected for the album (released in the summer of 1982). In fall 1982, we recorded another eight songs at Monarch for inclusion on a demo. We disbanded the following year, but the 10 recordings were kept by our producer, Steve Starnes, and Monarch's engineer, Larry Turner. Steve and Larry were able to successfully digitally transfer the surviving copies of these songs to CD in 2007, and after obtaining the necessary U.S. copyrights, we were able (finally) to distribute them under the Catapult Distribution label to digital download sites like iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, emusic, and Amazon on June 1, 2009, where they are currently available for sale to the public.
Why this name?
Clay and Brett had experimented with names like Killer and Sinbad, but they didn't describe the style of their sound. Not long after Mike joined the group in January 1980, Clay and Brett were sitting around a pool at a friend of theirs's apartment complex, when Clay suggested the name Metalworks. Brett liked it immediately, and when Mike heard it later, he liked it also.
Do you play live?
George died tragically in April 1996 of an accidental overdose. Mike still plays with a jazz combo and Clay with a church rock band. Brett still has his bass and practices every now and then. Special moments? When we learned that one of our songs ("In the Name of Rock and Roll") had been chosen by a local Atlanta radio station (WKLS-FM, aka "96rock") and Coca-Cola to be included in their LP, Home Cookin' II (released in March 1982).
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
When we started playing professionally in December 1980, the record industry had already begun to degenerate into a profit-based machine distributing only formulaic products based on mass marketing principles, instead of what the internet has been from the beginning -- a forum for free mass expression of all types of music, with material success based on public response rather than gatekeeper tastes and preferences.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
As long as our style and philosophy about our music was respected. We play music we like to listen to, we write music we like to listen to, and if any one of us do not like a song, we don't play it.
Your influences?
AC/DC, Aerosmith, Black Sabbath, Cheap Trick, Def Leppard, Foghat, Judas Priest, Kiss, Krokus, Led Zeppelin, Montrose, Nazareth, Pat Travers Band, Pink Floyd, Queen, Rush, Thin Lizzy, UFO, Van Halen, and The Who, to name a few.
Favorite spot?
Atlanta, Georgia (our hometown)
Equipment used:
We last performed with the following setup:
P.A. - Klipsch
Lights - Herschel Harrington
Microphones - Shure SP 58s on vocals, SP57s on drums and amps
Clay's guitars - Gibson Les Paul Custom, Double-Neck, and Flying V, Ibanez Iceman
Brett's basses - Fender Precision, Rickenbacker 4001, Aria Custom II, Alembic Distillate 1981
Brett's keyboards - Hohner String Ensemble, Korg Poly-Six synthesizer, Moog Taurus II synthesizer pedals, Arp Odyssey synthesizer
Mike's drumset - Ludwig 12-piece drumset, Ludwig 2-piece tympani set, Zildjan cymbals, 6' Oriental gong
Metalworks - December 1982
Unfinished Business (front)
Unfinished Business (back)
George Baisch - lead vocals
George Baisch - lead vocals
Clay Hayes - lead guitars, vocals
Clay Hayes - lead guitars, vocals
Brett Hart - bass, keyboards
Brett Hart - bass, keyboards
Mike Hinton - drums, percussion
Mike Hinton - drums, percussion
Metalworks - May 8, 1981
George and Clay - February 1981
Metalworks - Backstage (1981)
George at the Hitchin' Post in Augusta, GA
Clay at the Just For Fun Club in Lithonia, GA
Brett at the Just For Fun Club in Lithonia, GA
Mike at Rumors in Decatur, GA
Metalworks at Knights of Columbus - December 1980
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