Reg and Patti form the CRACKERS show
New School
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Reg Denis and Patti Warden are CRACKERS and are actively touring and performing in the utterly hilarious, highly entertaining, and highly contagious Crackers Show. They are solidly booked in 2003 and remain one of North America's hottest acts. These folks are awesome at weddings, bashes, and corporate gigs.
A veteran of the music scene, Reg is best known for his work with the legendary Crackers, a group often talked about today. Crackers tours Canada and the USA extensively and became regular favourites at Toronto's El Macombo. They dazzled audiences at almost every University pub and sold their albums. The group recorded with Daniel Lanois, Ian Thomas, Steve Smith (from the popular Red Green Show) and Randall Cousins. They released a number of top-selling LPs and amongst the hit singles were The Pirate Song, Still Feels Good, The Tit Man, and the highly infectuous GRACIE. Reg also performed in Tangerine Forest, Pork and Linx, throughout the temultuous times of the 70's.