Kiss The Mistress
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Hi there,
we are a trio who loves to play music from a range of Celtic lands, as well as writing our own material.
We are
Ginny on voice, cello and fiddle
John on chromatic button accordion and melodeon
Roy on bodhran and cajon

We have been playing together for 18 months and are having a great time traveling to lots of different places and sharing our music with new people. We hope you enjoy our sound too.

Our electronic press kit says
Euro/Celtic folk roots trio driven by voice,cello, accordion and bodhran, play with unrestrained energy and barely bridled fervour. Strange time signatures abound, songs about merman and frogs, tunes about awkward sprites and plastic bags! A guitar free zone and a unique sound.

have a listen and decide for yourselves!!
thanks for your time
Why this name?
We were asked to do a fundraiser gig years ago and a friend asked what we were called, we gave our names and they said "thats boring - give me a band name" so we grabbed Brewers Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, opened it up at a random page and dropped our finger on an entry - and Kiss The Mistress was born!!!. Last year after a while of not working under the name, we decided to revive it, did a Google search, found no one was using it so reclaimed it - and it has been brilliant.
Do you play live?
We do loads of live gigs- from small intimate audiences where you can smell their perfume to big gigs on proper stages at festi's. They are all brilliant. That moment the band connects with the audience is magic. Mind you Ginny always chats to them like she is having mates round in her front room!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet has got us most of our gigs and got us out on the Folk and festi circuit.
It has really liberated the music scene, although it is always more challenging to break through the glass ceiling and become accepted by the bigger players unless you have the right contacts - some things don't change, but the internet gives all players a level playing field to launch their music careers on
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Our genre of music does not really have Major labels, but if a well connected label would put their connections and contacts to further our career then we would be foolish to say no. Mind you no one ever gets rich in the Folk Music field as far as we know.
Band History:
Kiss The Mistress came into its first incarnation back in 1995, when Ginny and John, asked to play as a fiddle/box duo for a fund raiser event in Hertford were stuck for a name. A hastily grabbed Brewers dictionary, a random page opened and a finger point led to KTM and this was the name used for three or four years by the duo in the Hertfordshire area.

After following various other creative projects for a decade, John decided to add a new instrument to his musical collection and ordered his chromatic button accordion. A period of intense learning followed, during which Ginny realised that her fiddle playing skills would be inadequate to meet the less common keys that the accordion could play in. As a result she started to redevelop her 'cello playing which was left behind after University.

The end result was that after realising what a brilliant name Kiss The Mistress was, they reconvened with the exciting new addition of the amazing Roy!
Your influences?
Oooer this is a tricky one.
Ginny - All the amazing Breton musicians who have inspired us over the past fives years, old school rock (deep Purple Black Sabbath), Planxty, Bothy band, weird electronic German music of the 70's.
John - pretty much the same
Roy- Fluke,
Favorite spot?
Equipment used:
1830 French cello, 1900's German fiddle
Salterelle petite chromatic button accordion, Castagnari Nic melodeon
Brown Bodhran
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