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Words and Music by Les Cotton
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Les Cotton
Les Cotton

Wed Jan 05, 2011
Rock : Folk Rock
Take charge
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About the song
"Turn a page on what's been and gone
or look at what you could have won"

Inspired by a single line from an old UK TV gameshow called "Bullseye". The host, Jim Bowen, would give the losing Finalist their "BFH" (Bus Fare Home...) and then pull back the curtain to reveal a Speedboat or car, and say "but look at what you could have won....." ;)
so you've been confused, feeling used
don't know which way's up or down
looking for some names to call your friends

deals went wrong, you don't belong
never sung that victory song
it doesn't have to be the way it ends

don't you know the truth is in the choices
paradise is someplace you can't be
maybe just one step and you can alter
pull yourself out of that minor key

turn a page on what's been and gone
or look at what you could have won
emptiness is more or less what you've seen
gotta take control of heart and soul
see it all and be your own solution....


believe...just believe