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Bipolar (Migos/Uzi Vert Type) (CashMoneyAP x GB)
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play hi-fi  OH BABY
play hi-fi  3GEEZERS
play hi-fi  The Guarantee
play hi-fi  makeitup
play hi-fi  GoGetSome
play hi-fi  CanTbreaThe
play hi-fi  on a good day
play hi-fi  Funk By North
A Bunch of Geezers Here In Western Oregon, People Come And Go The Lineup Changes, Currently Working On Recording New Material. The Songs Here Are Just Some Old Real Bad Recordings, Just To Put Something Up.
But Normally There are 4 Brothers I`m Not One Of Them. And Two More
Normal Guys I`m One Of Them, And Recently After A Long Search We Have Found A Drummer, Just Hope He Stays. We Have Another Project, It Can Be Found Here On Sound Click Under The Name Torch Junkies. Why 2 Projects ? Because Different Music Styles Different Songs And Different People Making The Calls And Doing The Writing Mainly.But Some Of The Same People Are In Both Projects But Not All.
Why this name?
Names Are So Hard To Do I think. So Just Being Honest Works For Me.
I Guess Better Than Old Horney Goats. Were A Bunch Of Geezers With
Something To Sing About.
Do you play live?
We Have And Maybe If The Drummer Hangs Around We Will Once Again.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
1000 % Its A New World, Jump On Or Get Left Behind...
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Money Talks
Band History:
Bunch Of Geezers 4 Natural Brothers And At Least 3 Normal Guys
Depending On Who`s Coming And Going At The Time,
Or Who Is Fighting With Who....
Your influences?
Older Country Rock Blues And The Beatles
Favorite spot?
Home In My Studio
Equipment used:
Guitars Amps And Drums Or What Ever We Feel Like Beating On
Anything else...?
Just Some Geezers With Something To Sing About
Geezers Come And Geezers Go, And We Will Go On Forever.
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