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My band is me! I have recieved some help along the way. Thanks to Bayley Irene, Dolly Hallenbeck, Bill Walsh, and THE NOYZ BOYZ from Illinois. They are a KILLER R&R band in the Elgin area. Greg Wendorf, Joel Schmidt, and Paul Knuth. Nobody plays it like them.....except "THE EDISONS". Tampa Bays absolute best R&R band. Check out The and say hi to Al, Nick, Roger, and Tom. And when you visit The Edisons site be sure to listen to Nick sing "Dangerous Girl"! Jay Dyall is another killer composer. Listen to Jay when you have a minute or 60! River of Life WAS an unfinished collaboration started in 1971 ( ish ). The lyrics were started By Dolly Hallenbeck and the music by myself. So 38 years later we are going to finish it. Bill Walsh added some great guitar work. Dolly and Bill both have sites on SClick. The version on Dolly's site ( My Name or Fancyfingers2) is the final remix-I hope!
Why this name?
It was given to me By Craig Bump. Craig, are you out there?
Do you play live?
Once and a while The Edisons let me play a song. It is a thrill to go back in time and play rock with such talented musicians!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Good; you can buy only the songs you want.
Bad: and this is really bad, If you didn't like "I want to hold you're hand" by a new group called The Beatles, you would miss some of the best songs ever composed.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I am not a Boy Band so the question is moot! Also mute!
Band History:
Barry Scahill, Ron Ehlers, Fran Sobeck, Jerry Meyers, and Pudge.
Your influences?
Yes, Beatles, John Lennon, Jon Anderson, Moody Blues, Hendrix, Moby Grape, Zappa!
Favorite spot?
Treasure Island/St. Pete Beach Fl.
Equipment used:
Vypyr 75 and a self built EBCO guitar. It cost $60.00 used. I put $300.00 into it and it plays like a million dollars. Sanded the frets etcetera. MAGNIFICENT! Split coils with SD pearly gates hummer and SD Alternative 8 trembucker. I wish I could play it as good as I built it!
Anything else...?
Since River of life was finished and re-finished, I have posted 2 more new songs.2016 AND A CUBS SONG AS THEY ARE KILLER THIS YEAR!!!! If you have time please give them a listen. The same 6 songs, is about the sad state of radio since the conglomerates bought up ALL the stations. They play the same GREAT SONGS every day and have turned your favorite music into CRAP!!! Has any one not heard these songs 500 times yet?
The second "new song" has been in my head since 2004 when I composed "Walk with me" It is part two and was always intended to be a separate entity, thank you Moody Blues. Recorded because I love it, and to remind you of part one.
Part three is in the works, and again, will be separated from the first two, Thank you Jimi Hendriks ( voo doo chile slight return ). What is holding part 3 up is....Neither Steve Howe or Jimi Hendriks have offered to play the strat for me. So I am practicing, practicing, and still practicing! I would gladly turn the solo duties over to any guitar wiz, but all the Wizards I know are engaged. DON'T CHEAT ON YOUR GIRL OR YOUR BAND!! Maybe I'll get another offer. The song is 90% done...waiting for me to be the wizard. Until then...practice etcetera.
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Fruitful session
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