Flawless Tracks
Minimal Motif *Free DL*
Wale Official Producer. $30 Lease. Exclusive prices vary per beat. For all exclusive inquires please contact Flawlesstracks@gmail.com
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play hi-fi  First Parrot I Ever Saw Get The Finger
play hi-fi  Alternate Like An AC All Wooden Roller Coaster
play hi-fi  Like A Comic Steve Martin
play hi-fi  Storms Never Last
play hi-fi  Takes Ink 2 Sink N & Print Gist Like I Think
play hi-fi  Comes A Time When/ Takes Some Time/Comes 2 An End
play hi-fi  Makes More To Take More Cents
play hi-fi  With R Cat/ W/A New Name Change
play hi-fi  Like Pa Said From A Deuce N2 An Ace Of Spades
play hi-fi  High In The Saddle On Top Of Ole Blue & Grey
jim stotts
jim stotts
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