Dave Shephard
Wish i didn't know now
Cover Songs
A cover of the great man himself Toby Keith.
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play hi-fi  Got Me A Shirt/Fits Me 2 A T
play hi-fi  Back On That Ping Pong With Paddles Saddle Again
play hi-fi  Got Me A New Screw(with my ole optomotrist)
play hi-fi  If Thats All There Is//Stew It!!!
play hi-fi  One N The Tunnel/Other Out & On Top(more or less)
play hi-fi  Who'll Turn Out The Lights
play hi-fi  Beware Those Subtle Inuendo's Folks
play hi-fi  Warmer & Warmer As I Got Fan'd Some/N My Smoulder
play hi-fi  As Synapses Try 2 Keep Up With The Gaps
play hi-fi  We Just Disagree
jim stotts
Jim & Josie & Parents/photo's
me on retirement day
me just a swinging
Jim Stotts/Robert Stotts/Shawna Stotts
wedding/JE Stotts's /Paris
jim stotts
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