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play hi-fi  Way Down Deep
play hi-fi  Used 2 Do This & Used 2 Do That
play hi-fi  Batts & Almost All The Way Up/ On The List
play hi-fi  Back & When Only Elbow Greasy Handheld Fans
play hi-fi  The Last Draw Quicker On The Trigger
play hi-fi  When 2% Is Only Worth 2 Cents
play hi-fi  Night Time Is(Right Time)
play hi-fi  Today This Ole Bird Got Up With The Chickens
play hi-fi  Chapter 3: Pages 21 & 22: San Francisco
play hi-fi  No Mow With Those Pampas's Grass's
family picnic/ Stotts'
jim stotts
Jim & Josie & Parents/photo's
me on retirement day
me just a swinging
Jim Stotts/Robert Stotts/Shawna Stotts
wedding/JE Stotts's /Paris
jim stotts
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