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Machas With Attitude
NEWS   Machas With Attitude
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play hi-fi  MWA & Thugs Unit - " The BumbaClot "
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play hi-fi  MWA - Emotional Athyachaar (Hip Hop Version)
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MWA - Machas with attitude

Brodha V [ Vignesh Shivanand ]
Bigg Nikk Dawg [ Nikhil padmanabh ]
Smokey [ Sumukh Mysore ]

Why this name?
We were amature when we chose it, thought it was cool, But once we got the fame and we wanted to change it.. we could not cause we already had made a name in it

we love it anyways :)
Do you play live?
yea, in bangalore, Chennai, Delhi etc, ... we performed in New York city once that was fun.. all were special
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Drastically, it helped us get together n make music after all, look where we are now :)
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes it depends thou, a good deal, some good promotion would be superb :)
Band History:
Our Songs:

About Us:

India has seen a vast variety of musicians and vocalists with time but never has there ever been any progress in western arts like Hip Hop. The Machas with attitude have been a very dynamic and innovative find to the world of music, not only have they dominated and impressed the Indian audience with their unique style and variation but they have also created impact overseas too. They have also received praise from various big names in the industry including the likes of AR RAHMAN, SELVA GANESH, YUVAN SHANKAR RAJA and Illeyaraja sir.
The Machas with attitude was started in June of 2007 and has achieved massive progress in a very short period. The Band basically consists of 4 members namely:

1) Big Nikk Dawg ( Rapper )
2) Brodha V ( Rapper )
3) Smokey ( Rapper )
4) Dj Sameer J ( DJ )
Your influences?
Eminem, 2pac, Snoop Dogg, Nas, Big L, Immortal technique, Big Pun, Krs-One, NWA.. etc
Favorite spot?
Chennai fo sure.. in rahman's studio there, a great feeling
Equipment used:
FL Studio, Protools, Reason, Audacity with a Shure Mic and a Pop Filter and studio most of the time but we also do home recording sometimes
Anything else...?
if u love us.. cheak us out and if u want us to rap for u, we would love doing it
the bookings can be done with help of the below numbers

Smokey - 09620197043 [ Bangalore ]

Bigg Nikk - 09840486054 [ Chennai ]
Brodha V/Deep Productions - I'm Back To Stay
its all about nikk
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